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Few remember Palestinians' history

...subsequently thrown out of Jordan because of repeated acts of thuggery and assassination attempts by the Palestinian Liberation Organization upon the life of King Hussein.Mr. Forgay should place himself in the shoes of the Israelis before accusing...
Letter on Mideast deadlock misleading

...administrations have considered Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories an obstacle to peace.The Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority have long ago recognized Israel. The PLO's Fatah Revolutionary Council...
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Letter writer gets it wrong on Israel

...policy," March 27).There has been a "Palestinian" state, known as Jordan, since World War I. The Palestinian Liberation Organization under Yasser Arafat was thrown out of Jordan in 1972 by former King Hussein and his Desert Legion because...
Since Arafat died

...that the leading Fatah contender to succeed Arafat is the interim president, Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Abbas, who's been highly critical of suicides, car bombings and armed uprisings against Israel...
Good fences, bad neighbors

...While Ariel Sharon has been in office for a year, Yasser Arafat has been on the scene as the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and associated terror groups for decades. Politically, Arafat has a powerful advantage by virtue of his...
Syria's new immunity

Syria: Shelterer of the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. Safe haven for the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hezbollah. Perennially appearing on the U.S. secretary of State's list of state sponsors of terrorism. And now, newest...
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Suicide bombers defend nothing

...funny pages and al-Jazeera television. First, Israel is not alone in getting U.S. tax dollars. The Palestinian Liberation Organization also gets them; hundreds of millions of them. Second, Israel is not occupying Palestinian lands. A...