Blasts pro-Palestine writer for calling U.S. a terrorist nation

...writer, who obviously abhors his own country and has labeled it a "terrorist" nation, hasn't packed up and relocated to Palestine, which he apparently thinks is a model society. I think he would fit in nicely. Perhaps he might even enlist some of his...

Editorial: False equivalence

...synagogue attack, though it was carried out by two cousins belonging to another group ? the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.Though Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas publicly condemned the murders, media footage in Gaza captured Palestinians...

Israeli nation is older than 'Palestine'

...Wasserman, in A History and Geography of Palestine, gives the lie to the so-called Palestinian...or land, nor a civilization known as Palestine prior to 135 C.E. In that year, Roman...into the word Palaistina. The term "Palestine" is a further corruption of this name...

Jews own Palestine, Bible says

...Israel to the Jews and their descendants forever (Genesis 12:7). There wasn't any mention of Palestine. The only reason that Palestine is an issue is because some wicked ruler renamed Israel just to anger the Jews and discount their God-given...

Israel part of 'new Zion'

...Zionism.Zion, once simply the idea of a home for Jews in Palestine, was a popular idea in the years between World Wars I and...again arose, meaning at the time to settle some of them in Palestine. However, that area was in no sense vacant, when President...

Stand with Palestinians

...Imagine if France had backed England during the Revolutionary War. America likely would not be in existence today just as Palestine isn't (according to Western nations).This is just one reason it is un-American to support the Israeli regime.The...

Vikings bring back Adrian Peterson

...Peterson's attorney, Rusty Hardin, said Peterson used a switch because that was the way he was brought up by his parents in Palestine, Texas, and the NFL star agreed."I have to live with the fact that when I disciplined my son the way I was disciplined...

Historical folly

...was established in 1948, there was no Palestine per se, and the notion of "Palestinianism...There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians...statehood?The truth is, there would be a Palestine already today if Palestinians had been...

Israel endangers Mideast peace

After nearly a month of fighting in Palestine, we should ask why Palestinian families...territories. Israel knew that this land was Palestine's for 2,000 years and that there...strongest army, far surpassing any forces of Palestine and all the other Mideast countries combined...

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PLO chairman doing best he can

...upper hand, and they may think that the Palestine Liberation Organization is powerless...recognizes Israel has agreed to two states in Palestine, but he has no magic words to stop the...followers and others who operate outside Palestine. The most effective way to fight terrorism...

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