Blasts pro-Palestine writer for calling U.S. a terrorist nation

...writer, who obviously abhors his own country and has labeled it a "terrorist" nation, hasn't packed up and relocated to Palestine, which he apparently thinks is a model society. I think he would fit in nicely. Perhaps he might even enlist some of his...

Israeli nation is older than 'Palestine'

...Wasserman, in A History and Geography of Palestine, gives the lie to the so-called Palestinian...or land, nor a civilization known as Palestine prior to 135 C.E. In that year, Roman...into the word Palaistina. The term "Palestine" is a further corruption of this name...

Jews own Palestine, Bible says

...Israel to the Jews and their descendants forever (Genesis 12:7). There wasn't any mention of Palestine. The only reason that Palestine is an issue is because some wicked ruler renamed Israel just to anger the Jews and discount their God-given...

Historical folly

...was established in 1948, there was no Palestine per se, and the notion of "Palestinianism...There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians...statehood?The truth is, there would be a Palestine already today if Palestinians had been...

Israel endangers Mideast peace

After nearly a month of fighting in Palestine, we should ask why Palestinian families...territories. Israel knew that this land was Palestine's for 2,000 years and that there...strongest army, far surpassing any forces of Palestine and all the other Mideast countries combined...

Opinion columns
Jimmy Carter's new book incites criticism, petition

...criticizing Mr. Carter's new book on Palestine, and a Jewish human rights group said...reading Mr. Carter's 21st book, titled Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid, which was released...as the book's title makes clear, Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid is devoted to...

'Iron curtain' needed to protect Israel U.N., U.S. Mideast action urged

The situation between Israel and Palestine has reached a point where only an all-out war will be the...all aggression or terrorism by any of Israel's neighbors. Palestine would then become an independent, sovereign country - hopefully...

Our support of Israel must stop

Why the hatred of the United States? Why has terrorism extended beyond Palestine and Israel? Israel opened bidding for contractors to build 22 new homes in the largest Jewish settlement in Gaza. President George...

Terrorists or freedom fighters?

...things that go around, come around - even on the world scene. During World War I, the British defeated the Turks and ruled Palestine, which includes Jerusalem. At the end of World War II, the Jews rose up against the British. The British had the planes...

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Israeli wall is unfair to Palestinians

...the 20-year anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Recently, we returned from a trip to Israel and the former Palestine -- a very depressing sight, somewhat reminiscent of what we saw in Germany's past. However, the wall we saw was not...