Nobels didn't look in my head

Malala Yousafza finally won the Nobel Peace Prize, which the 17-year-old education warrior from Pakistan solidly deserves. I have my doubts, though, about some of the other prize winners.For instance, two Japanese and an American...

Dine & Dish: Don't miss the treats at Arts in the Heart

...same. The festival ? Sept. 19-21 ? sees the return of Germany after a year's hiatus, says goodbye to Bulgaria and Pakistan, and welcomes Cyprus, Sweden, Lebanon and Indonesia-Micronesia. You'll also see one big change with two food courts...

What ails Islamic world?

...their heads in shame.We rejoiced at the Arab Spring, and congratulated ourselves for introducing democracy in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Iraq. We brought our troops back home. We hoped the Spring would take root in Muslim countries. We were wrong...

North Korean team welcomed at Asian Games in South Korea

...border."I very much appreciate how they cheered us on for the whole game," Yun said. North Korea won the game, against Pakistan, 2-0.Not all the news is good in the North's sporting world, however.On Wednesday, the International Gymnastics...

Radical Muslims threaten

...to respond except to go golfing!It will not be long until Iraq will be lost. Afghanistan will go the same way, as will Pakistan, Syria and probably Egypt. There will be a solid Islamist caliphate under sharia law in that region. Radical Muslims, always...

Another case for stronger borders

...the 75 nationalities of those who were apprehended or turned themselves in included 3,246 people from China, 239 from Pakistan, 181 from Egypt and 38 from Yemen.As alarming as those figures are, the actual numbers could be higher because they do...

Pakistan is a nation poised to embrace true democracy

...a thriving Pakistani-American community who recently celebrated Pakistan's 60th Independence Day on Aug. 14. The Pakistan American Cultural Association organized Pakistan Day 2007 in the greater Augusta area. The many contributions of Pakistani-Americans...

Pakistan hideout raises questions

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan --- Osama bin Laden made his final stand in a...alone in Monday's helicopter raid, did not inform Pakistan until it was over and pointedly did not thank Pakistan. All this suggests more strain ahead in a relationship...

Osama bin Laden
Pakistan's leader tries to sell his controversial policy toward Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- President Pervez Musharraf said...terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden was Pakistan's best option. Wearing his military...been mentioned," in the talks between Pakistan and the United States about cooperating...

Pakistan conducts second nuclear capable missile test

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistan tested a second nuclear-capable missile Thursday, upping the...considerably less than the Ghauri II ballistic missile which Pakistan tested Wednesday. The Ghauri II, which has a range of 1,200...

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