In Pakistan, collecting classic cars popular, pricey

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - For an elite but passionate group of vintage car collectors in Pakistan, restoring antique rides is like traveling...president of the Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan, says the collectors help preserve a portion...

What Is It?

...was, "it's not American."You can see the vehicle in an accompanying article about the popularity of classic cars in Pakistan and the people who join clubs to restore them. More photos are with the responses from our readers, most of whom recognized...

Actor Christopher Lee dies

...the typecasting, however, and ultimately the sheer number and range of his roles - from Sherlock Holmes to the founder of Pakistan - secured his place in film history."I didn't have dreams of being a romantic leading man," Lee told The Associated...

Rants & Raves

...provide a place for us seniors to go to. IF OUR GOVERNMENT would stop sending billions of dollars to all those countries such as Pakistan, we would have enough money to take care of the people right here in our own country. We need to put it to a national vote...

Rethink plutonium storage

...still stands at hundreds. Reductions in their number should continue. Some nukes are based on enriched uranium, as with Pakistan. Dismantling them is simple, as the uranium can easily be blended down for use in nuclear power reactors. The great majority...

Missing Georgian in Nepal calls home

...is the worst to hit the Himalayan nation in more than 80 years. The quake destroyed infrastructure and historic sites in Kathmandu, killed over 5,000 people and was felt across parts of India, Bangladesh, Tibet and Pakistan.___

The wrong response to free speech

...affairs.Both gunmen were Muslim and American-born. Simpson had converted; Soofi returned to America several years ago from Pakistan after moving there as a child with his father and stepmother.The radical Islamic State terror group is claiming responsibility...

Iran solution workable

...would mean no diplomatic solution.We must not kill Iranian citizens as an alternative. Consider that next door to Iran is Pakistan, a country presently ungovernable but with many nuclear weapons that we seem to ignore. That could be the fall-back solution...

Rants & Raves

...any step to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. They will be an entirely different sort of threat from North Korea or Pakistan. IT IS DISGUSTING TO hear people who don't even have a high school education demanding $15 an hour. Get an education...

Augusta Red Cross helps Nepal relief effort

...6.6, caused further damage to buildings and increased the risk of collapse. Tremors were felt as far away as Lahore in Pakistan, Lhasa in Tibet, and in Dhaka, Bangladesh.More than six million people live within 60 miles of the epicenter, located...