In Pakistan, collecting classic cars popular, pricey

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - For an elite but passionate group of vintage car collectors in Pakistan, restoring antique rides is like traveling...president of the Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan, says the collectors help preserve a portion...

Pakistan is a nation poised to embrace true democracy

...a thriving Pakistani-American community who recently celebrated Pakistan's 60th Independence Day on Aug. 14. The Pakistan American Cultural Association organized Pakistan Day 2007 in the greater Augusta area. The many contributions of Pakistani-Americans...

Pakistan hideout raises questions

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan --- Osama bin Laden made his final stand in a...alone in Monday's helicopter raid, did not inform Pakistan until it was over and pointedly did not thank Pakistan. All this suggests more strain ahead in a relationship...

Osama bin Laden
Pakistan's leader tries to sell his controversial policy toward Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- President Pervez Musharraf said...terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden was Pakistan's best option. Wearing his military...been mentioned," in the talks between Pakistan and the United States about cooperating...

Pakistan conducts second nuclear capable missile test

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistan tested a second nuclear-capable missile Thursday, upping the...considerably less than the Ghauri II ballistic missile which Pakistan tested Wednesday. The Ghauri II, which has a range of 1,200...

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Pakistan promises 'unstinted cooperation' with U.S.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistan, a nation in the know about terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden...world must unite to fight terrorism." The United States urged Pakistan Thursday to close its border with Afghanistan and to cut off funding...

Behind the curtain of oft-repeated clichs lies a modern Pakistan

...community, which recently celebrated the 59th Pakistan Independence Day on Aug. 14, organized by the Pakistan American Cultural Association. The many...across America. For a returning native, Pakistan offers a kaleidoscope of images that defy...

Pakistan is vital to America's international strategy

...celebrated the 56th anniversary of Pakistan's independence from Great Britain...celebration was organized by the Pakistan American Cultural Association of...between Islamabad and Washington, how Pakistan is already helping the United States...

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Pakistan's Christians face uncertain future

KARACHI, Pakistan --- As the echo of hymns fades at St...God's blessings and prosperity for all in Pakistan. Seeking that prosperity, however...Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan in recent years. Losing one of their...

Pakistan's president denies harboring bin Laden

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan's president denied suggestions his country's security forces...forces.His comments in a Washington Post opinion piece Monday were Pakistan's first formal response to the suspicions by U.S. lawmakers...

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