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Pop Rocks: Artists' efforts must be acknowledged

...from afar.What I hadn't done, at least not enough, was acknowledge the artist. I hadn't given our local painters, poets, dancers and musicians the one thing they work so hard for.I hadn't given them my measure of applause.We are...
Hermann Nitsch scandalizes with 'ritual art'

...Nitsch - who frequently speaks of "a sense of sacred solemnity" - insists that it is. "I am everything at once: painter, poet, theater maker, musician, lyricist and sculptor," he says. "I think that art as such is absolutely free, especially...
Interest in literary, artistic CD-ROMs fades

...Gogh's artwork, performances by multimedia artist Laurie Anderson and the cutting-edge work of dozens of modern painters, poets and philosophers. But sluggish sales hurt the company, even before Borders announced its cuts. Several months...
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