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Researchers might have created nuclear fusion in lab table

...a beaker of a chemical called deuterated acetone. Normal acetone is a colorless, volatile liquid often used as a paint remover or chemical solvent. In deuterated acetone, the chemical's normal hydrogen atoms have been replaced with deuterium...
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Toxins may get in creek

...Dichloroethane, an industrial chemical used to coat steel pipes, and tricholorethane, a solvent used in adhesives and paint removers were both found. Testing of a well about 325 feet from the creek showed the presence of several carcinogenic metals...
Huffing dangers

...drinking a glass of the fuel, he says. "These products are chemicals," he says. Poisonous chemicals. "When you put paint remover on paint it just eats it away. When you sniff it, it starts to eat away your brain," Mr. Weiss says. After alcohol...
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