Paine expects more success after growing pains of last season

Paine endured the growing pains of a starting lineup featuring several freshmen and only five seniors...back as Paine's No. 1 starting pitcher after experiencing growing pains as a freshman starter last year. Marshall brought in arms to back...

You can always trust an old flame

Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.? Frank Leahy My wife is still laughing.It is a barely controlled snicker, augmented with a head-shaking...

Georgia Regents softball shoots for higher finish with more experience

...Southeast Reg ional finals as a senior-laden team in 2012, Georgia Regents faced a bumpy road full of young players and growing pains.The Jaguar women won 18 and 22 games the next two seasons, and as they work toward a Feb. 10 opener at home against Newberry...

South Carolina GOP legislators say it's time to give patients legal, controlled access to marijuana

...brighter, her improvement in learning at school is remarkable."Horne said testimony convinced her that people who are truly in pain, including those who are dying, should have legal access to a plant that helps them. The government shouldn't preclude a...

Augusta man acquitted of most serious charges in GRU police shooting case

...in James' hand that could have been a gun. But LeCroy asked whether it was reasonable that Martin's medical diagnosis was pain and tenderness, without any swelling or bruising. She also wondered why, if Martin saw a gun, he didn't tell the dispatcher...

Employee stole wedding gifts, police say

...me the most. ... I have not even looked at any of my wedding pictures or printed any of them because it's just become a pain." Malone said she asked the Hay House to reimburse her the $2,800 rental fee for her wedding and reception. She said the...

Columbia County School Board trustees approve massive rezoning plan, grant waivers

...exploding growth has flooded some schools while leaving others with unused capacity."We are a growing county and growing pains can be painful," said Superintendent Dr. Sandra Carraway, adding that school system officials anticipated 400 new students...

Postal worker stole veteran pain pills

...mail sorter in Macon to remove packages of pain medication that the U.S. Department of...addressed to others and eight empty bottles of pain pills that were prescribed for others...Service in 2003 and had become addicted to pain pills.

Legislation pushes for VA leader accountability

...wouldn't have faced the "unbearable" pain of navigating the Department of Veterans...For 12 years, I was constantly in pain, suffering through anxiety and depression...emergency room twice for chronic neck and back pain and was declared "physically incapable...

Vickers ready to race again after undergoing heart surgery

...later in life in regret passing up a chance to reach that goal. STEWART PAIN-FREE: Tony Stewart, walking without a limp for the first time in 18 months, declared himself pain-free and never more eager to start a season.After a tumultuous two...