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Bill Baab: Wildwood public, not Columbia's

...control of a wildlife management area in McCormick County. That area is now called Savannah Lakes Village. Mrs. Paige Gavalas, in a letter to The Chronicle editor a few weeks ago, pointed out that the development could result in doubling or...
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Opposes new Wildwood development

...facilities?... How much more in taxes can Columbia County residents stand? Let's put our study money where it is needed, in our roads, our children, our protection (fire and police). Leave Wildwood alone! ... Paige Gavalas, Appling
Jace Cardenaz (EVANS, Ga.)

...her son, Dalton Cardenaz and his father, Mike Cardenaz; her mother, Pam Price Robertson of Appling; one sister, Paige Gavalas and her husband, Mike of Appling; one brother, Robbie Robertson and his wife, Debbie of Appling, and a friend...