Schools look at geography lessons as skills lag

...material if they have to actively research and work it out for themselves, instead of just studying a list of locations over and over again," Carraway said. "They need to investigate the facts for themselves and use tools in the classroom to find...

Rants & Raves

...printed, you take full credit; but when anything unflattering comes out, it's automatically the result of liberal bias. Take some responsibility. HOW MANY DAYS IN a row do we get to read the same news over and over again. Gets boring!

Ramblin' Rhodes: Georgia author Kay, more to speak at literary festival

...single simple exercise anybody can do. Go find a really great book or great article by a great writer and copy it over and over until you understand the rhythm of that writing."My friendship with Kay continued to cement in the summers of 1965...

Evans takes the night in tri-match with two wins

...here and Westside as well just to give us someone different to play just so we're not playing our area opponents over and over again."The match of the night was between Augusta Prep and Westside.After losing to the Patriots 25-23 in Game...

Pennsylvania is behind Little League World Series team

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - Kaden Peifer and his Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, teammates use the same word over and over when describing what it's like to be playing two hours from home in front of 35,000 fans at the Little League World Series...

Living in infamy: Must we have to see mass killers' mugs over and over?

...lunacy in the face of the Aurora shooter couldn't go away fast enough for my taste. But there it was ? over and over and over and over and over.And, indeed, the media-borne infamy of mass killers was apparently a driving factor in the...

Lady Knights secure post-season berth in shutout over Lakeside

...3-3 region) while it ended the Lady Panthers' (14-10, 2-5) post-season aspirations."We kept saying over and over, this is the game, we need to win it. and then Grovetown and Cross Creek, we need to win it all," said Buck of...

Michaux: Richt won't let fans' opinion change who he is

...sure I'm interested in that conversation. Because the longer someone is in a certain area, things begin to cycle over and over again. That's just the way life goes in general."For his part, Richt is only focused on turning things around...

Gamecocks making progress on offense

...gotten stale with him in charge."Let's be honest," Elliott said. "You can't run the same inside zone play over and over again and expect great results, you just can't. It's worked out in the past for us, but I seem to think that...

Joe Mullins delivers

...years. I have found him to be a man of his word ? he delivers.Joe is a caring person who serves his community over and over again. As a businessman, I believe he is just what the county needs to represent them. His strong work ethic and...