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Study sought before canal drains

...Bettross of Georgia's Wildlife Resources Division. "It will repopulate naturally, from fish in Rae's Creek and other creeks, and also from the Savannah River itself," he said. "The water drawn into the canal from the river will bring fish...
Water level up 5 feet

...much as 4.7 inches. "The reason we were able to turn it off was that, with all the rainfall, Stevens Creek and other creeks going into that lower part of the river were supplying the river's needs completely," Mr. Birdwell said. Inflows...
Scientists assess area streams

...said. "But everything else came out very well." Other creeks yielded a high number of species of fish and aquatic...problems among Rae's, Butler, Spirit, McBean and other creeks studied. The most common problem in local streams is...
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Paddle key to fishing success

...bait for for redbellies, stump knockers and warmouths," he said. "Plug casting for bass was called `reeling."' Other creek fishing was for catfish -- usually from set lines and bush hooks. But the paddle still was the primary tool. "The...
Bill Baab: Wildwood public, not Columbia's

...or Lake Murray, with boat docks jutting into every cove. That's already the case now, with coves off Grays and other creeks occupied by docks where a few years ago none existed. I don't think the idea of developing an existing marina with...
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Fishing report

...Chub and catching six fish a day on Wednesday and Thursday. The fish are to be found on secondary points in Lloyds and other creeks. I'm also catching 'em on Ralph's Trick Floating Worm. There aren't real big fish, ranging from a pound to...
Fishing report

...temperatures have dropped to 80 degrees and charter parties are making limit catches of spottail bass and releasing many others. Creek mouths around Daws Island are unusually productive for speckled trout. Because ladyfish seem to nail a live shrimp...
Local deer blamed for pollution

...deer boo-boo" theory, county officials tested two other creeks - Kiokee and Euchee - and found wet-weather fecal...houses, a golf course and plenty of suburban deer - the other creeks have only undeveloped, deer-laden wilderness upstream...
Bass clubs urged to mark shallows

...shallow areas that are nearly invisible, as well as treetops beginning to surface in the mouths of Grays, Cherokee and other creeks. Many pleasure boats are not equipped with depthfinders and even if they are, so many things can attract the attention...