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Aiken basketball players arrested be school related, Deputy Superintendent William Gallman said. The case is under investigation by Aiken Department of Public Safety's Juvenile Division. ReachChasiti Kirkland at (803) 279-6895
Metro | South Aiken High School
Parts plant unveils

...own 42 acres in Verenes Industrial Park, just south of the Aiken Municipal Airport. That much land will afford Newman Technology to triple in size if it wants. ReachChasiti Kirkland at (803) 279-6895
Top racehorses train in Aiken

...returning to Aiken barns this fall, it's time to start wondering again -- until the spring brings a thaw and the pounding excitement of another racing season. Reach Stephen D. Hale at (803) 279-6895
'Cheese' may leave you hungry

...even a real essay, you deserve a word of warning. And if you do buy it and wind up feeling like you've bought a jug of snake oil, don't come crying to me. ReachSuzanne R. Stone at (803) 279-6895
Council to decide Kmart plan

...building has become a problem." He noted that the parking problem at the beginning and end of each month, worsens and even creates a danger for motorists and pedestrians. ReachPat Willis at (803) 279-6895
Metro | Aiken County Council
McCormick faces tough choice

...McCormick County. In a time when we all should be working together to meet the needs of this county, we end up hurting ourselves, especially the children." Reach Chasiti Kirkland at (803) 279-6895
Animal lovers face land battle

...We're responsible people." At previous city meetings, the Thompsons invited neighbors with objections to come see how they live. So far, they've had no takers. REACHKatie Throne at (803) 279-6895
Metro | Aiken City Council
Jury won't know facts of case

...children were put into foster care. Mr. Hill has been charged with three counts of murder, assault and battery with intent to kill, kidnapping and burglary. REACHGreg Rickabaugh at (803) 279-6895
Hill trial won't have Aiken jury

...a competency hearing set for Oct. 25, when physicians will testify about Mr. Hill's ability to understand the charges against him and assist in his defense. REACHGreg Rickabaugh at (803) 279-6895
Jury selection to begin in Hill trial

...His formal charges are three counts of murder, kidnapping, assault and battery with intent to kill and possession of a pistol while committing a violent crime. REACHGreg Rickabaugh at (803) 279-6895