Small business, big problems

...3 percent say they plan to add employees over the next three months."The economy is an absolute mess, as the Orlando Sentinel noted in its editorial endorsing Mitt Romney ? four years after having endorsed Barack Obama."Economic growth...

Woman pleads guilty to role in organized ring of purse thieves

...balance, and kept the check amounts under $2,000 to avoid suspicion, she said.According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, Brodgon and two others were arrested in August for running the same scam in Florida.

Race to judgment

...family seemed exasperated with Jeantel.Analysts "generally found Jeantel devastating ? to the state," the Orlando Sentinel wrote. One of them described the key witness as "unraveling. She's got no credibility.""It was a classic...


...to Little League games. Puh-leeze. ... Don't blame your job, blame yourself." -- Mike Bianchi in The Orlando Sentinel , on Urban Meyer leaving Florida to spend more time with his family

Night at the movies

...redecorates Chicago with a gusto as over-the-top as any hammy Shia LaBeouf rant, rave or riff.-- Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel - If Transformers 3 isn't the summer's lousiest whiz-bang movie, it's only because there's so much competition...

Nicklaus: Woods matter private

...visitors the week of his crash, up from fewer than 11,000 the week before, according to The Nielsen Co. The Orlando Sentinel, which serves the area of Woods' home, scored about 1.2 million unique visitors the week of the crash, more...

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Tiger's holding onto his privacy, as usual

...last week's car crash, fined $164 and will have four points against his driver's license. According to the Orlando Sentinel, he has already paid the fine. The citation closes the investigation. What hasn't ended is the public's fascination...

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Woods pays fine, but his woes aren't over

...golf at Torrey Pines -- and his dealings with Florida authorities over his infamous car accident will be over. The Orlando Sentinel reported that court records show the billion-dollar athlete already has paid the fine. What hasn't ended is...

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Demise of cars is speeding up

...demise and Chrysler's future is unclear after being acquired by Fiat. Steven Cole Smith, an auto writer for The Orlando Sentinel, recently listed other brands that have left the American market or died off: Peugeot, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Yugo...

Life & style
Charleston, S.C. top list of polite cities

...7 so the owners, a Coptic Orthodox family from Egypt, can celebrate their Christmas. A nameless letter to The Orlando Sentinel last week read, "Thanks to the lovely lady at Entenmann's (bakery outlet store) who took my check for $10...

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