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An oil spill like no other, UGA expert says

...said last week the plumes don't exist.The plumes are not just oil, but a mixture of oil, methane and other organic chemicals suspended in sea water.Joye's team measured methane levels in some places at 10,000 times what normal ocean...
No testing done for drug residue

...which may come from agriculture, urban stormwater runoff and residential uses. - ORGANIC CHEMICAL CONTAMINANTS , including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, which are byproducts of industrial processes and petroleum production, and might...
Across South Carolina

...and water have been removed from the old Columbia Organic Chemical Co. site The Department of Health and Environmental...Officials estimate the cleanup will cost $338,000. Organic Chemical operated at the site between 1950 and 1984. In 1991...
UGA-led team and BP clash

...been spewing oil from a mile beneath the ocean surface.The plumes are not pure oil, but oil, methane and other organic chemicals suspended in sea water, Joye explained. She also is blogging from the trip at
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Cancer-stricken residents still left without answers

...that provide drinking water for most residents on Pittard Road, it's not there any more. Exhaustive tests for organic chemicals, metals and other pollutants turned up nothing. But that doesn't rule out the possibility the water was contaminated...
Freeze-dried bodies are an alternative to cremation

...bodies have environmental drawbacks. Burial, for example, no longer is a quick, natural return of all the body's organic chemical compounds and minerals to the soil. In modern burials, bodies usually are embalmed and sealed inside a metal coffin...
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The cost of compliance

...look on a chart and know we're nonattainment." Ground-level ozone is a mix of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic chemicals. Most often the result of industrial pollution and vehicle emissions, ozone is a particular health risk in the...
Astronomers find complex organic molecules in space

ATLANTA -- A primordial soup of complex organic chemicals that could be the precursors of life is cooked up very quickly after the birth of stars, new research suggests. "Life could...
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Leonids' fiery light delights skygazers worldwide

...was studying the composition of the Leonids with special equipment aboard two airplanes, hoping for clues to how organic chemicals were first brought to Earth. The military and private companies, meanwhile, turned the edges of satellite solar...
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Life traces in Mars rock probably came from Earth

WASHINGTON -- Organic chemicals found in a Martian rock may be contamination from Earth and not...lived inside the rock and left behind fossil-like blobs and organic chemicals. "Neither paper changes our original hypothesis," said Everett...
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