Resolved to start gardening in 2015? How to start

...energy to fully develop or maintain their original garden plan," said Gail Langellotto, a horticulturist with Oregon State University's Extension Service."Another common mistake is gardening without first getting to know your soil," she...

Technology overload slows communication

...can cause "turbulence" in a relationship, says Dan Faltesek, an assistant professor of social media at Oregon State University. But, he adds, that's not necessarily a bad thing."It can be a little awkward, but you should talk...

How to pick the right mulch

...Compost is used to feed crops; mulch is used to suppress weeds," said Daniel McGrath, a horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension. "Compost is decomposed organic matter that is generally higher in nutrients and relatively low in...

Steven Gehrig O'Connell - Diana Catherine Rohlman

...specializing in immunotoxicology at Oregon State University. She is currently working at Oregon State University with the Community Outreach...is a Ph.D. Candidate at Oregon State University to obtain a degree in Toxicology...

Birds may show Japan nuclear disaster's global effects

...addition to Savan nah River National Laboratory and SREL - the Uni versity of South Carolina, Clemson University, Oregon State University, Duke University and Colorado State Uni ver sity , along with the In ter national Radioecology Labor atory of...

Few believe Mars meteorite contains traces of life

...When I first saw it I was really struck by the similarity," said marine geologist Fisk, who is a professor at Oregon State University. So far the scientific community hasn't shown much interest in David McKay's analysis of the Nakhla meteorite...

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Group attempts to unlock corn's genetic code

...times what was previously available publicly. Land-grant universities including the University of Illinois and Oregon State University have accessed the site, as have overseas institutions including Oxford University, the Chinese Academy of Agriculture...

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AIDS groups fight effects of conspiracy theories

...in Tuesday's issue of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, researchers from Rand Corp. and Oregon State University conducted a random telephone survey of 500 black Americans age 15 to 44. The survey, supported by the National...

Oregon takes aggressive steps to eradicate oak disease

...They're anxious to protect a crop worth $543 million in sales in 2003, according to figures provided by the Oregon State University Extension Service. "I say get it done so we get on with business," said Julie Holmason, co-owner of the...

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Genetically engineered trees quietly sprouting

...Agriculture since 1989, with about half coming since 2000. "There is a lot of value in genetic engineering," said Oregon State University researcher Steven Strauss, who tends to a few thousand engineered trees. Some researchers are infusing trees...

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