Google tries to woo iPhone owners with Android watch app

...program uniting the devices running on different operating systems is being released Monday in Apple's app store...with iPhones dating back to the 5, as long as their operating systems have been updated to at least iOS 8.2."This...

The eXPiration date nears on Windows XP

One of the most popular and widely used computer operating systems is about to expire.Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday...malicious nature to infect other PCs running newer operating systems, Ondrej Vlcek, chief operations officer at antivirus...

EU opens antitrust case against Microsoft

...abusing its market position in computer operating systems software to dominate the market for server...Microsoft extended its dominance in the PC operating systems market to the server operating systems market. That differs from the U.S...

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If Windows ain't broke, don't fix it

We started our dissection of Windows 98 by gently probing the history of Microsoft operating systems, since a lot of Windows wackiness traces its roots back to earlier versions of the company's flagship products. Retractor...

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Avoid pitfalls when navigating around bad drivers

...usually offer some informed advice. Today's PCs and operating systems are so complex that I can barely figure out what's...every other program that put ink to paper. Modern operating systems such as Windows and the Macintosh OS attacked this...

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Who wins in Microsoft breakup?

...software giant's ubiquitous operating systems successful, with corporate...want or need the cumbersome PC operating systems to surf the Internet for information...alternatives to the Windows operating systems that run on more than 90 percent...

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Government plays Gates videotape at trial

...power in the market for computer operating systems. "From time to time, people...numbers." Pressed whether rival operating systems might account for less than...its monopoly among computer operating systems and also to crush rival Netscape...

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Microsoft XP is a real networking wizard

...using Windows 2000 Advanced Server or other Windows operating systems has my sympathy and, frankly, deserves a medal...or use the Windows XP CD to use it with the other operating systems. I used it with Wireless Access PC 802.11b cards...

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Microsoft asks judge to throw out federal lawsuits

...the antitrust lawsuits filed by the Justice Department and 20 states. Microsoft, which makes the popular Windows operating systems, also accused the government in an 88-page court filing Monday of asking it to develop "a new and inferior operating...

Microsoft trial turns to 'Java' pollution

...illegally to maintain monopoly power over computer operating systems, the government argues that Microsoft moved illegally...written using the altered Java can't be run on rival operating systems. "We believe that developers having a choice is...

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