Hospital resuming open-heart surgery

...Eisenhower Army Medical Center has resumed its open-heart surgery program. Hospital commander Brig. Gen. Robert...common cause for the patients' problems. During open-heart surgery, the sternum is sawed open to get to the heart...

Astros' Boone will have open heart surgery

Aaron Boone, of the Houston Astros, will have open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve. Boone made the announcement Wednesday, saying he has known about his heart condition since college...

Scientists find cause of 'stunned' hearts

...stunned" heart. Just about everyone who undergoes open-heart surgery, even if the surgery went great, is at risk for...Association. About 760,000 Americans underwent open-heart surgery in 1997, the association says, citing the most...

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Mini clip safer than heart-valve surgery, study says

...valves soon might be able to get them fixed without open-heart surgery. A study showed that a tiny clip implanted through...from getting worse. Bad cases are treated with open-heart surgery: Doctors partly stitch the flaps together in the...

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Hospital fund use comes in question

...for state approval to perform open-heart surgery. In a letter to Mr. Baker...travel too far for life-saving open heart surgery. Satilla Regional "may have...denied a certificate of need for open-heart surgery. "I'm not a lobbyist...

Memorable moment with vet made a poignant Veterans Day

...the bills he would have to pay for his upcoming open-heart surgery. He did not have a nickel in his account. The...veterans are made tough. He did well through the open-heart surgery and went home shortly thereafter. He came by the...

New technique avoids problems after angioplasty

...complication: Scar tissue was sprouting inside the recently treated vessels, strangling off the flow of blood. With open-heart surgery as her only other option, Resch, 59, chose to return to Tacoma General Hospital for a new procedure that uses...

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...University of Florida, about 50 miles away. He had open-heart surgery last January. No details were being released on...Williams' chest and two months later he had the open-heart surgery because of congestive heart failure. He spent part...

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Gold Cross EMS founder, owner Bo Pounds dies

Gold Cross EMS founder and owner Bo Pounds died early Friday at age 78, six weeks after open heart surgery, according to Gold Cross CEO Vince Brogdon.Pounds, an Augusta native and 1956 graduate of the Academy of Richmond Coun ty...

Trinity loses ability to perform heart procedure

...according to the National Hospital Discharge Survey,Prior to 2008, the state would only allow hospitals that did open heart surgery perform therapeutic catheterizations but a state law passed that year allowed an exemption for others to apply if...