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Social network sites connect people can be a good way to meet new people," Mr. Wolfe said. That jibes with research conducted by Hitwise, an online-monitoring company that found American Internet users in urban areas are on average 91 percent more likely to visit online...
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Finding nuclear secrets

...could result in criminal prosecution." Keeping in mind that users of the Pentagon's Web sites are subject to online monitoring by computer security watchers, here is a small sampling of attractions: - On the home page of the 91st Missile...
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Savannah River monitoring data to be offered online

An online monitoring system that will offer real-time data along 190 miles of the Savannah River is being deployed this spring by the Southeastern Natural...
Navigator: sailing the cyberseas; finding virtual community

...who hop onto the Internet from their homes these days are between the ages of 25 and 54. But, according to the online monitoring firm NetRatings, a huge number of Netizens, 4.5 million, are over 55. Geezer surfers. As baby boomers grow...
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