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Computers tutor: Odds and ends you should know

...among brands. Rule 1 is: If you don't understand it, leave it alone until you do. Virtually every program has an online tutorial and help system, so study these first. There are lots of things you can damage if you fool around with, for instance...
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Center combines job services

...test prospective employees. Computers are available for resumes, letters to go with them, typing practice with an online tutorial and national job searches. "We are the largest single source of job listings in the world," Mr. Haneman said...
Some schools still struggle to meet goals

...for special-needs pupils, Harlem Middle Principal Walker Davis said, his pupils are using a combination of an online tutorial program, after-school programs and an academic Saturday school. "Since math is the area we got slammed on, that's...
Metro | Ridge Spring-Monetta High School
Quality computing on the cheap

...minutes. The printed materials are clear and well thought out, the cables are color-coded, and you're taken to an online tutorial when you first boot up. Performance of the eTower 300k is surprisingly sprightly, with programs loading quickly...
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Pupils to get free computers

...from a federal grant that will give 60 pupils at each school computers, which they can take home for use with an online tutorial program. "I like being more active, rather than reading out of a book all day," said Kaitlyn Bernard, a 12-year-old...
Metro | Augusta State University