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Online viewers won't miss Super Bowl ads shown on TV

...missing the buzziest commercials of the Super Bowl if you can't get to a TV.In the past, not all advertisers bought online time along with a pricy 30-second spot during the most-watched TV event of the year. That meant online viewers had to...
As parents wise up, kids find online time curtailed

...Pearson quickly learned that despite the Internet's reputation as a trove of knowledge, kids can easily squander their online time playing games, downloading music and messaging friends and strangers alike about parties, crushes and other school-age...
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Officials put heat on America Online

...growing difficulty in getting online access. A new pricing plan that charges customers $19.95 a month for unlimited online time has strained AOL's network, creating long delays in getting online, busy signals and other frustrations. The representatives...
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Hardware and software try to help parents enforce online time limits

NEW YORK -- I am neither a parent nor a kid, but I can certainly act childish when called upon. So I tested five systems for setting limits on how long children can use the Internet.
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Rants & Raves

...edition. But it seems a bit extreme that you can't look at the obituaries after you've "exhausted" your free online time. The Augusta area was my home for 21 years. My family still lives in the area, and I have friends there as well...
Despite network clogs, America Online continues to add members

...step to ease demand on its network, which has been swamped with customers who paid $19.95 a month for unlimited online time but frequently get nothing but busy signals. Under pressure from attorneys general from around the country, AOL agreed...
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AOL looking on the bright side of busy signals

...December as the average subscriber's online time doubled, according to the has offered refunds and free online time to disgruntled subscribers - offers...Eventually, he said, such hoarding of online time will "fall by the wayside...
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America Online offering refunds to customers

...overwhelming the service's lines in response to a new pricing plan that charges subscribers $19.95 a month for unlimited online time, instead of $9.95 for the first five hours of usage and $2.95 for each hour thereafter. Wendy Goldberg, a spokeswoman...
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...Philadelphia, have announced even more ambitious wireless hot zones. NEW YORK - Are right-leaning voters spending all their online time on Are left-leaning voters locked into the like-minded Actually...
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Commercialization of Internet may limit users

...have a significant and growing presence on the Internet. In March, just 14 companies controlled 60 percent of users' online time, down from 110 companies two years earlier, Jupiter Media Metrix found. As the Internet becomes more commercialized...