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Slaying of actress led to tough stalker laws

...routinely testify against suspected stalkers in criminal and civil courts, and are increasingly searching social media and online sites for evidence of stalking.Retired Los Angeles Police Detective Paul Coulter's first homicide case was investigating...
Quarterback Bryce Petty leads Baylor rout of Buffalo that the Texas A&M licensing and compliance departments have sent out cease and desist letters to five online sites selling "Kenny Trill" shirts. (The NCAA puts the burden on schools to stop makers and retailers from selling merchandise...
Experts offer advice about do-it-yourself fixes for electronics

...where manuals are often available for download."Very few people read manuals," Steele said. "It'll help." GO ONLINE: Sites such as iFixit, a Wikipedia-style compilation of user-edited repair guides, include manuals and spare parts for...
Old photo method makes comeback

...hearse ? his portable dark box slides out on casket rollers. Jacobson and Alberts rely on portable dark boxes, too. Online sites for buying them and other supplies include Wetplatewagon, Chamonix View Camera, Art Craft Chemicals and Chemsavers...
Online sites can help taxing problems

The IRS may still be trying to install a computer system that won't crash, but you can already do your taxes at several different third-party Web sites - as long as you don't mind reading lengthy don't-blame-us-for-your-audit disclaimers.
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Online sites get to the root of genealogy interest

If you're like most people, you have eight great-grandparents, and you can't name them all.
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Backup music files online and stream on any PC

...MP3tunes' Oboe Locker, a Web-based service launched by the founder of the original, one of the first online sites to offer music downloads in the late 1990s. Oboe provides an affordable way to protect against a catastrophic loss...
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Woman Web: Lilith Fair sites get feminine

...sweaty feet. The latter option comes by way of an online forum at Hissyfit (, one of several online sites under a larger umbrella site called ChickClick is the official Community Sponsor and e-mail provider...
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Miss America browser keeps kids safe

...America, is the centerpiece of a new kid-friendly Internet browser designed to keep children away from dangerous online sites and contacts. The Miss America Kid-Safe Web Browser is to debut today. The free download includes blocking mechanisms...
Cockfighting measure wins industry support gaffs, the spurlike knives that are attached to the feet of fighting birds and are sold through magazine ads and online sites. Cockfighting is a felony in 31 states, but South Carolina law makes the offense a misdemeanor punishable by a $1...