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Help CSRA's women, girls fight cancer

...your neighborhood. Read Lydia Board President Danny Craig's comments about lighting his neighborhood in Lydia's online newsletter at TO LEARN MORE and get involved, call the agency at (706) 736-5467, or e-mail chairwoman...
Outdoor calendar

...discussed and the instructional DVD The Joy of Flycasting will be shown. More information can be found in the group's online newsletter at, Thursday and Saturday: Rivers & Glen outfitters at Surrey Center, Augusta...
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Know your hacker lingo

...Forging messages that cause the victim to unknowingly subscribe to mass mailing lists (such as a subscription to an online newsletter) in volumes that may crash their systems. - Phreaking (verb): Cracking into the telephone network, which has...
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French lawsuit challenges heart of Google's business model

...anybody who sells keyword-linked advertising - including Overture and eBay," said Danny Sullivan, editor of the online newsletter Search Engine Watch. A preliminary hearing on AXA's allegations of "brand counterfeiting" is scheduled for May...
Outsiders find reasons to close bases

...military installations recommended for closing by retired Marine Col. Carlton Meyer, an analyst who publishes an online newsletter called "G2mil." It's an example of the input outside observers can have on the current round of analysis by...
Microsoft bets big on new searching technology

...engines. It won't be easy to shove those two aside, however. Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Watch online newsletter, noted that Google and Yahoo have loyal followings. And several other players are also trying to grab some of the...
Dial-up providers offer speedy service

...EarthLink's accelerated service now costs $29 but will drop by $7 in coming weeks. Dave Burstein, editor of the online newsletter DSLPrime, notes that the cost of an extra phone line eliminates any savings. Nonetheless, research from the Pew...
SEC seeks power in Congress

...background, the SEC and state regulators are battling a new form of fraud that is proliferating in Internet junk mail, online newsletters, electronic chat rooms and World Wide Web sites. Because the Internet is everywhere, unscrupulous stock promoters...
Additional business news

...separate schemes that deceived investors around the world by fraudulently promoting stocks in Internet junk mail, online newsletters, Internet message board postings and Web sites. The market watchdog agency made the allegations in a civil lawsuit...
Online newsletter shows bank rates

The Bank Rate Monitor newsletter ( has been around for two decades, but it finished moving all of its content to the Web -- and shuttering its print operation -- only months ago. This updated-daily publication specializes in the plain-Jane stuff of credit cards, savings accounts and other places you don't need a broker to help park your cash.
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