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Developer adding 3-D face mapping to NBA 2K15 video game

...3-D models on screen that can be tweaked and placed onto the bodies of virtual players in the game's career and online modes. The process requires a well-lit room and takes about three minutes.The face mapping marks the latest effort by a...
Game review: Tekken brings fighting fun to PSP

...around, throwing and blocking punches and kicks. Of the several fighting modes available, the player-versus-player online mode offers the most replay value. Two PSP players within wireless range can duke it out, which is far more interesting...
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Game review: 'Field Commander'

...Entertainment, perhaps best known for persistent online multiplayer games like "EverQuest." The company brings several online modes to "Field Commander" to take advantage of the PSP's wireless capabilities. An added bonus is the mission creator...
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Strategy games let you build an empire

...excellent soundtrack and superb voiceovers by none other than Leonard Nimoy, Spock of "Star Trek" fame. Both games offer online modes for endless replay value. "Age of Empire III" sports a three-dimensional world that's very easy on the eyes but...
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Two new games arrive for PlayStation 2

...cleaner and spits them out like a shotgun. Some weapons are only accessible in the game's excellent, broadband-only online modes. Between all the jumping, shooting and dodging, there are some nice diversions that keep "Ratchet and Clank" from...
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'NASCAR 2005' is on right track with challenging innovations

...Still, NASCAR 2005 has a ton of great game play and solid graphics under the hood. Xbox and PS2 gamers can enjoy the online mode if they want some human competition. SEGA IS PUSHING ahead with its plan to beat Electronic Arts' sports franchises...