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Stefan Ultes

...past 23 years; he was a cook at the Waffle House on Belair Road. He was an avid bowler and loved to fish. He was an online gamer. Additional survivors include two sisters, Christine Carlson (Brett) Madison, WI., Melanie Mullins (Matthew...
Break the code of Leet-speak, (think the numbers 1337 on a screen) the messaging system has moved from being the domain of online gamers to a wider crowd. "Leet-speak, it's this organized set of numbers and symbols that you can use to talk to...
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The life and times of an online gamer

CHICAGO - Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Chip Collier was on a mission.
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Hackers steal source code of popular video game, released in 1998, is still one of the most played action games online. On Monday afternoon more than 44,000 online gamers were playing it, while all other online games registered less than 10,000 players, according to
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Stealth leads to victory in 'SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals' game

...extremely realistic look at covert combat. It's an excellent game for the solitary player or the growing number of online gamers. It's so realistic that it's rated M, for ages 17 and up. On The Net: www.zipperint...
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A troubled gaming addict takes his life

...was no one there for him - no one who knew how to help." Liz Woolley just started setting up an organization called Online Gamers Anonymous and a Web site to help people like Shawn - with plans to use any money she might get from a lawsuit to help...
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Anti-intruder Net gateway a must for broadband home offices

...control access for up to 10 computers on the home/office network. In more advanced settings, the router accommodates online gamers, video-conferences, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) users and others who need to expose certain computers to...
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Making virtual friends a gaming reality

...the best aim and the fastest trigger wins." On the Internet, a player is only as deadly as his modem speed. If an online gamer tries to to duel a virtual opponent with a faster connection, he may never see the bullet coming. Enter the LAN party...
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Nintendo soars, Sony sinks

...the company said, and the recall of 9.6 million laptop batteries didn't help. BURNING DESIRE: Thousands of online gamers raced to reschedule their vacation time after the announcement that The Burning Crusade, the highly anticipated expansion...
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Techbits: Plastic semiconductors, Online news

...arcade-like payment SAN JOSE, Calif. - Remember how easy it was to spend a roll of quarters on arcade games? Soon, some online gamers will be able to similarly play "Bejeweled" or "Zuma" at 25 cents a pop. WildTangent Inc. introduced on Wednesday...
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