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Graniteville cremation center allows online arrangements

...service is provided. The other facility is in Ocala, Fla."Baby boomers on down, everyone is getting used to online commerce," said Ray Visotski, the manager and cremation specialist at the Graniteville center. "This is just a natural...
Pet owners begin online shopping

...To find one of the last big unclaimed frontiers of online commerce, look no further than the most spoiled members of...start-ups. It's happening in almost every area of online commerce. While its superstores carry more than 10,000 items...
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AT&T adds online credit card protection

...biggest fear is fear itself. Citing consumer concerns about the security of credit-card numbers as an impediment to online commerce, two industry powerhouses have introduced guarantees in an effort to overcome what they call unwarranted anxieties...
Expert warns of safety glitch in online shopping software

...technician's warning Thursday on the Internet represents one of the most wide-ranging security breaches to hit online commerce. Exposure of confidential information has always tempered Web shopping enthusiasm. Despite reservations, though...
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Alibaba stock soars in jubilant trading debut

...after adjustments for demand.Alibaba's Taobao, TMall and other platforms account for some 80 percent of Chinese online commerce. Online spending by Chinese shoppers is forecast to triple from its 2011 size by 2015. Beyond that, Alibaba has...
Internet use and online commerce double

SAN FRANCISCO - Internet use in the United States and Canada doubled over the past 18 months, with women rapidly catching up to men in going online, a Nielsen survey reports. Almost one out of four people over the age of 16 in the United States and Canada now use the Internet, 23 percent, as opposed to a mere 10 percent who did in the fall of 1995, the CommerceNet/Nielsen Media Research survey found. That works out to 50.6 million people, a doubling since the original survey.
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New companies meeting demand

...deliver - literally. So, if an online commerce revolution is indeed on its way...fully realized the impact of the online commerce revolution. "It's too service is critical to online commerce. "It is very key," UPS spokeswoman...
Napster's co-founder from area

...railroad. But now, he's hobnobbing with the Silicon Valley elite, raising millions in venture capital to start up online commerce ventures and being profiled in national news stories about his former company, Napster. Mr. Bales, 34, is one...
City leaders hope a 'dot-com' can rescue Halfway, Ore.

...idea is to rename the northeastern Oregon town to, which happens to be the name of the businessman's online commerce startup. The Halfway City Council is hoping to get a lot of publicity and tourists by becoming the first city with...
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Business briefs

...billion shares. AOL doubles quarterly profits SPRINGFIELD, Va. - With a burst of revenues from advertising and online commerce, America Online Inc. announced that it more than doubled its fourth-quarter profits and earned $1.2 billion...