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Internet's grown on us, and that's not all bad

...extroverts tended to feel good about themselves when they used the Internet, probably because they had spent time online chatting with friends. Introverts, on the other hand, ended up feeling lonelier, possibly because they used the computer...
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Tax preparers look for young filers

...get discounts on travel and electronics purchases. "They're already online. They're doing their shopping, online chatting," said Colleen Ferrin, a San Diego-based spokeswoman for Mountain View, Calif.-based Intuit. "The next...
Truckers taking to wireless Internet technology

...sleeping quarters in the cab of a truck, Maloney pulls out a tray, places his laptop on it and within seconds is online, chatting with friends as he kills time before resuming his trip. Tom Wiles, a trucker from Westfork, Ark., checks his...
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Type A or typo? E-mail writers delete the rules of spelling

...advent of instant messages -- real-time conversations -- has only heightened the casual, abbreviated nature of online "chatting." But even they warn against misspellings and grammatical goofs. On the Web, "you won't be judged by the color...
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Online freebies

... offers a wealth of information and calculation aids on mortgages, credit cards, student loans and investments. - Pen Pals: E-mail and online chatting are typically free.
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When teens chat, spammers listen

...Saturday, my twin 10-year-olds and a neighbor decided the best place in the universe to find some fun was America Online, chatting with others their age. They sought permission to upgrade the status of their AOL logons from "child" to "young...
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Ga. PE teacher arrested on child porn

...The Athens Banner-Herald reports today that 46-year-old Barry Bailey, of Hull, was jailed Thursday after an online chatting session with an undercover investigator.Police and school system officials said the offenses don't involve a school...
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