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Boy's cracker art seeks bites on eBay

...couple's romance into a stick-figure portrait drawn on a saltine cracker, and Pam Kennon posted it on eBay's online auction Web site. So far, about 3,147 eBay browsers have checked out the cracker and, with two days to go, the top bid is...
Group takes auction online

...the world's largest marketplace," club leaders registered the domain and programmed an online auction Web site, which will operate June 2-8. "We decided in this era of eBay, why not try and move into the electronic...
Web site delivers the trendiest totes," he says.Taking that idea and realizing that fashion accessories were among the top categories at some online auction Web sites, a light bulb went off."That's when we realized this was a major opportunity - an established category and...
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More tabloid tales about Tiger

...him to raise money for the Tiger Woods Foundation. This year, IMG is turning it over to, an online auction Web site that lets fans bid on activities with athletes and celebrities. "We thought this might generate some interest...