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Comcast unveils new data usage plan in Augusta

...between 16 and 18 GB per month."In order to use that amount of data, one would have to be engaging in a lot of online activity that uses large file sizes, downloading or uploading large number of files, massive amount of streaming ... It...
Online activity entraps spouse

Investigators have learned the husband of a missing woman searched the Internet for information about the rate of decomposition and how to handle interrogations and polygraphs.
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Phone charges soar with online activity

HINESVILLE, GA. -- For a month, Terry Tobin and her husband spent hours in Internet chat rooms catching up with people scattered across the United States. But the January phone bill wasn't neat. It totaled $1,756. "I almost fainted," Mrs. Tobin said. "I just stood there staring at it thinking this could not possibly be correct." Without even studying the bill, the Tobins didn't realize they programmed a long-distance phone number into their computer when they signed up for 50 free hours of America On-Line. They thought the long online sessions were free.
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Sex offenders stay under online surveillance

...each, would have a chore to manually screen all the online activity during their monthly surprise inspections of ex-convicts...with a Texas company, RemoteCOM, that monitors the online activity electronically, and at no cost to taxpayers. The...
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Georgia sailor faces child porn charges

...of children under the age of 18 on a laptop computer, police said.Martin was identified as a possible suspect by online activity that police described as searches for pornographic images or videos of children. The Kingsland Police and the Naval...
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When teens chat, spammers listen

...frequented by many of their schoolmates. Until then, under a system that allows parents to limit their kids' online activity, they were only allowed to visit sites designed for younger children. "Sure," I said. "But remember not to...
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...for On-Line Addiction, Bradford, Pa. Do you feel preoccupied with the Internet (you think about your previous online activity or anticipate your next session)? Do you feel the need to use the Internet with increasing amounts of time in order...
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Fire classes offer students advanced training

...virtual world," Mr. Asbach said. "But there are a few classes that require some hands-on or other outside, non-online activity." For example, students spent part of a recent Saturday learning how to investigate a suspicious fire at an abandoned...
Software does the snooping for you

...That's a topic for another time. For now, remember the reality: Employers have a legal right to monitor employees' online activity. Studies show that about 60 percent of major U.S. companies actually do it. Some parents think they have an obligation...
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Dirty Web site encounters common

...point of making any mandatory recommendations, but it makes good sense for parents to monitor their children's online activity," he said. Safe America was founded in 1992, growing out of the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce. The group won...