Recordings reveal Nixon's point of view on Watergate, final days of administration

...Like him or not, whether you think that his resignation was a tragedy for the nation or that he got out of town one step ahead of the sheriff, he was a human being."Nixon, who died in 1994, had hoped that providing his own narrative would...

Road Trips: Ridge Peach Festival

...country singer Cody Webb of Ridge Spring; clogging; oldies and classics from Yesterday's Sounds; bluegrass from One Step Ahead; new country from Ace of Clubs; and Atomic Road featuring classic rock.A children's area will have rides, inflatables...

Earnhardt Jr.'s crew chief won't change his mind about leaving

...things." Now that many fans bring bicycles and scooters to the track, it's more difficult for Johnson to stay one step ahead of his fans. So far, nobody's been able to catch and corner him for an autograph.

UConn wins national championship

...Coach Calhoun, the greatest coach ever," Ollie said. "He paved the way we just walked through it."They were one step ahead of Kentucky all night, holding off rally after rally.Kentucky's athletic department announced Monday that there...

Why can't life get easier as you live it?

...the supermarket was a madhouse today," I told my wife. "It's as though everyone had the same list I did and was one step ahead of me."She ignored my whining and pointed to the floor."Do you always go to the store wearing two different shoes...

U.S. Customs and Border Protection lab in Savannah a made-for-TV reality

...around that."Brown calls the lab and others like it the consumer's "first line of defense.""They help us stay one step ahead of the things that are trending," she said.Combine that with good communication and solid techniques, and the...

The marathon is on

...their happiness, their freedom, their accomplishments ? more than they love life.Since 9-11, we've stayed one step ahead of most of them. On Monday we stumbled.But we will pick ourselves up again and hit our stride. It's how we roll...

Bin Laden prolific e-mail writer

...access in his hideout, Osama bin Laden was a prolific e-mail writer who built a painstaking system that kept him one step ahead of the U.S. government's best eavesdroppers.His methods, described in new detail to The Associated Press by...

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Police instructor insists 'it was the only option'

...see inside, a vehicle they thought could contain four men with access to weapons, he said. An officer has to stay one step ahead of a suspect and base the use of force on the resistance shown, he said. "If we're 50-50, we're losing...

Traveling 'circuit girls' flock to Super Bowl in search of clients

...the adrenaline I got from it," she said. "The adrenaline of getting in and out of cars. The adrenaline of being one step ahead of the cops. The adrenaline of, How much money can I make tonight?" Miller laughs now when she thinks what she...