Videos help us to learn the history of Augusta

...hotel bedroom.THE TOWN TAVERN: People in Augusta love their restaurants ? even if they aren't here anymore. Take the old Town Tavern, which used to be packed during Masters Week. And you if you were a competing golfer, you were seated immediately...

Falling oil prices raise alarm in North Dakota towns that invested in construction projects

...to the sheer volume of crude flowing from "hot-spots."And so the building continues in Watford City, a century-old town that once marked the end of the line for the Great Northern Railroad. Roughly 60 rigs are drilling in surrounding McKenzie...

Setting the right tone

...significantly better than he found it. The best thing a toothless mayor can do is set the right tone, and Copenhaver could hardly have set a better one.He will long be considered one of this old town's most beloved leaders, and rightly so.

Friendship Nine protesters to have arrest records erased

...place."The men's names are engraved on the stools at the counter of the restaurant on Main Street, now called the Old Town Bistro. A plaque outside marks the spot where they were arrested.In 2009, a white man named Elwin Wilson who tried...

WWI was sparked in historic city of variety

...harmonious mix of religions and cultures. Any visit must include a look at how that blend came to be.Start with the old town called Bascarsija.Ottoman Turks founded Sarajevo in the 15th century as a center of commerce with three malls, colonies...

Pele Museum officially opens in Brazilian great's hometown

...the 73-year-old Pele at the official opening of the Pele Museum ? a 4,000 square meter complex inside the city's old town that cost about $22 million and houses more than 2,500 items related to his career, including trophies, jerseys...

Monument to 200-year-old graves in Brunswick neighborhood dedicated

...BRUNSWICK, Ga. - Thirty-seven 18th- and 19th-century graves located several feet beneath Wright Square in Brunswick's Old Town neighborhood will never again be forgotten.The somber sound of a single bugle playing taps and a wreath laying Monday...

Normandy has more than D-Day artifacts

...Billed as the first major town liberated by the Allies, Bayeux was miraculously spared damage during the war. Today, the old town center boasts cobblestone streets, upscale shops, small eateries and picturesque mills along the narrow Aure River...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Speaking of history, there's plenty to find around here

...author lectured (Feb. 11-12, 1856), as guest of The Young Men's Library Assn. He wrote home: "Nice quaint old town Augusta, rambling great street 2 miles long, doctors and shopkeepers the society of the place, the latter far more...

Beleagured Syrian Christians fear fall of Assad

...conflict," Bishop Luka, deputy leader of the Syriac Orthodox Church, said at his headquarters in the historic Damascus Old Town."We are standing alongside the country, because this country is ours," he said. "If the country is gone, we have...