No. 11 Florida seeking to be more than '1-hit wonder'

...We get one American Bandstand show and then we're done, right?" McElwain said.The coach didn't use the same old-school music references with players, but got his point across."He spoke about it a little bit previously after the game...

Kirby: Longtime newspaper executive had a respected knack for leadership

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. ? Peter Drucker If Old School had a campus, Ed Skinner was the dean.As one of its graduates, I remain grateful for the education. Mr. Skinner, the longtime...

Darlington throwback included successful return to old school racing

...The throwback program not only allowed fans and team to revive leisure suits and old paint schemes, the racing was old school, too.And by most accounts by drivers, it was an overwhelming success.By taking a big step back, NASCAR took a...

Joe Nemechek thrilled by son's victory

...doing. As a truck owner, I know how hard the team worked. It was a special day, for sure."Joe Nemechek is an old-school racer. He's at the shop every day, working beside his son, preparing trucks for the next race and Late Models for...

North Augusta's Second Providence Baptist basketball game to benefit Haitian orphans

On Aug. 15, "Old School" basketball players will face off against the "New School" in a...mission is done best when it includes everybody."Members of the "Old School" team will be deacons, a pastor, choir members and other adults...

The Way We Were: 1930s Augusta Boys Club

Do you remember the old Boys Club?There were several, I believe, but this one was on D'Antignac Street at the old school and seemed to have no trouble in the 1930s finding boys to fill it.I ask about the old Boys Club because The Chronicle's...

Old Turpin Hill community neighbors stick together

...brought up the Butler Clap, and half a dozen others demonstrated the slow clap they all remembered doing every time their old school principal Charles Butler made his entrance in the schools' halls. Their reverence for him was still evident a half...

Morgan Road Middle School reaches out to grandparents

...common reasons for children be taken in by their grandparents, followed by abuse or neglect. He said the stability and "old school values" that grandparents can provide to children can help them overcome mental and emotional challenges."Whether...

Jeff Gordon set to bid farewell to Darlington

...the tires don't fall off and you just go for it. This weekend I think it's going to go back a little bit to the old school way of Darlington and I hope that suits my style and what we have as a race team."

Fall Movie Preview: Abrams on keeping 'Star Wars' grounded

...Lucas' films an exotic, hand-crafted realism.Realizing this, Abrams endeavored to marry modern CGI tools with old-school effects and real sets. That strategy, he says, paid off in capturing the spirit of Star Wars."I can't think...