Richmond County Board of Education | The Augusta Chronicle

...Richmond County. The IB program allows students to study a rigorous curriculum recognized the world over at one of the oldest schools in the nation. The county's schools no longer require pupils to wear uniforms, but the system maintains a strict...

Groundbreaking held for new Leavelle McCampbell Middle School

...I don't live here anymore, but I'm still active in the alumni association and have lots of memories from the old school."Bates and a large crowd watched as Aiken County superintendent Sean Alford joined board of education members in the...

State of the Braves, part 1

...market has historically undervalued. In the most generous interpretation of their roster construction, the Royals' old-school approach is actually innovation in disguise, a version of Moneyball built on the opposite strategy of the early-aughts...

Vietnam traveling wall visits Evans

...said he landed in Vietnam in Cam Ranh Bay between 2 and 3 a.m. and was immediately put on what appeared to be an old school bus reinforced with iron rods."They had a Jeep in front of us with (an) M60 on it," he said. "It was about 90...

Augusta woman to give birth to conjoined twins

...said.Or a stroller."It would have to be a buggy," she said. "They are so expensive, but they are cute. The old school buggy carriage, they have a new modern kind that they make now. (But) I know you can't put that into a car...

Column: NASCAR needs consistency to quell 'wild West'

...When Matt Kenseth steered Joey Logano into the wall, the crowd roared its approval as a veteran driver delivered old-school payback.The thunderous ovation continued at every replay.This is NASCAR's version of the "wild West," as one...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: LIVING IN HEPHZIBAH, I have a question: You bought the old school property. After years of complaints, you demolished most of the eyesore. Instead of building the new school there with much...

A matter of degrees

...legacy to-be was that of a ground-breaking African-American entertainer, and an endearing figure who infused old-school family values into much of his comedic work.Today, Cosby's legacy has an addendum: that of a man ? married since...

NASCAR suspends Matt Kenseth two races for wrecking Joey Logano

...I'll tell you that right now. Do not wreck that boy."Kenseth's peers consider him a fair racer who follows old-school beliefs about on-track etiquette. Logano, the reigning Daytona 500 champion, has struggled with some of his fellow...

Jeff Gordon set to bid farewell to Darlington

...the tires don't fall off and you just go for it. This weekend I think it's going to go back a little bit to the old school way of Darlington and I hope that suits my style and what we have as a race team."