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Stealth World Cup ads raise sponsorship questions

...body said in a statement following the incident.FIFA banned players from wearing Beats in World Cup stadiums and official media events, distributing headphones made by official sponsor Sony instead.There was also talk that FIFA was looking...
Ramblin' Rhodes: Anniversary calls for look back at 50 years in journalism who was the brother of Gone With the Wind author Margaret Mitchell. He had his secretary give me a copy of the official media booklet that had been given to reporters when his sister's monumental novel was released.It also led me those...
Report: Kim Jong Il introduces hamburgers to North Korea

...advent. The news marks a curious development for North Korea, where U.S. consumerism is routinely reviled in the official media and people refer to the soft drink Coca Cola as the "cesspool water of American capitalism." Wednesday's report...
Rallying the troops or ordering coffee, Saddam is TV's nightly star

...President, The Victorious, May God Protect Him" in the official media's words, is usually seen in a three-piece suit...officers to "Drink your tea before it gets cold." The official media projects an impression of calm deliberation. One...
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Cubans claim arms hidden on North Korean freighter breach of U.N. sanctions."Gen. Kim Kyok-sik, chief of general staff for North Korea's armed forces, visited Cuba two weeks ago for meetings with President Raul Castro and others, Cuba's official media reported at the time.
China's mini-outbreak of SARS widens

...Quarantines continued, meanwhile, for people who came into contact with the two confirmed SARS cases - in Beijing and in Anhui. About 1,000 people remained in isolation Thursday, official media said, including about 700 in Beijing.
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Syria slams U.S. government, some Arab leaders for war in Iraq

...the only Arab country on the U.N. Security Council, is one of the fiercest opponents of the war on Iraq. Its official media criticized some Arab leaders Sunday for assisting the U.S.-led attack. Gulf countries including Kuwait and Bahrain...
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China looks to manned space flight

...performed hundreds of maneuvers, including unfolding its solar panels. It was the fourth unmanned Shenzhou flight. Official media said the capsule, based on Russia's Soyuz, carried all the equipment necessary for manned flight and tested life-support...
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NASCAR under big top for interview day

...handling the media crush that has accompanied a massive surge in popularity over the last decade. This is the second official media day for the Daytona 500, and this one came earlier, and lasted much, much longer than the inaugural event in 2000...
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Chinese take great leap

...last year, when thousands of people across China reported seeing strangely glowing objects hovering in the sky. Official media rushed to cover the news, which made national headlines and inspired a segment on China Central Television, the...
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