Nutritionists join clients for restaurant excursions

...It's the ideal job. Not only can nutritionists Marie Carter and Pat Perotti take long...elderly and married couples are asking nutritionists and personal trainers to tag along...said. Through her private practice, nutritionist Ellen Stein goes on "supermarket tours...

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Local nutritionist researched diet drug

...inhibitor and when taken with meals can block 30 percent of the fat from being absorbed, said Diane K. Smith, a clinical nutritionist at CSRA Partners in Health who was involved in the testing. "The enzyme responsible for digesting the fat (lipase...

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MCG nutritionist earn award for works

...part of care, and it could even help them avoid or get rid of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria, says a surgical nutritionist at Medical College of Georgia Hospital. Gail Cresci's work on behalf of her patients earned her the 2009 Excellence in...

Food guides at Doctors Hospital are simplified

Nutritionists and chefs at Doctors Hospital said goodbye to a confusing, pyramid-shaped food guide and welcomed a four-part plate model...

Nutrition info could join specials on restaurant menus

TRENTON, N.J. - Show a group of nutritionists a 10-ounce restaurant hamburger and a side order of onion rings and have them calculate the number of calories in the meal...

Juiced up

American kids drink a lot of fruit juice. Too much juice, say most nutritionists and pediatricians. "Fruit juice is an OK food for children," said Keith-Thomas Ayoob, a pediatric nutrition specialist at...

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Nutritious quinoa has nutty flavor

Revered by ancient Incas as "the mother of all grains" and hailed by nutritionists as the "supergrain of the future," quinoa (KEEN-wah) has been cultivated in the Andes for more than 6,000 years. Because...

Cooking at home can save money, calories

...is one of millions of Americans who are eating out less often and cooking at home, and that's a good thing, Augusta nutritionists said.A recent survey by the American Institute for Cancer Research found that more than 40 percent of respondents said...

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Food industry looks to cash in on boomer retirement

NEW ORLEANS - As the baby boom generation nears retirement, the food industry and nutritionists are trying to figure out how to cash in on feeding America's most fickle, youth conscious, and health-conscious retirees...

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Study shows limited benefits from calcium, vitamin D

...only limited protection against broken bones, raising questions over what has been an article of faith among doctors and nutritionists. The supplements seemed to reduce the risk of broken hips in women over 60 and also helped those who took the supplements...

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