Massive Mega Millions jackpot drawing thousands of players

...buy a nice piece of land with a nice house and save the rest as a nest egg. Keep it simple."March, a school nutrition specialist at Glenn Hills High School, is one of the projected thousands of people who will try their luck in Tuesday's...

Despite progress, desegregation order stays in place in Richmond County schools

...he believes that, except for increasing student achievement and having classified staff, such as janitors and nutrition specialists, that represent the community, the requirements have been met.In a recent interview, Allen would not discuss...

Fate of 1972 desegregation order for Richmond County schools to be decided

...as Pulliam pointed out, inequity still exits in some areas. Non certified positions, such as janitors and nutrition specialists, are made up of 80 percent black workers and 19 percent white while the county's population has 54 percent...

Stealing others' trust

...checks from the CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority, which provides meals through Head Start and where he was nutrition specialist. He stole some $200,000 from the program, converting the money into luxury cars and cash.Well, easy come...

Augusta man indicted on theft charges

...meals. Bernard Walker, 44, is accused of funneling federal dollars into his bank account while he served as nutrition specialist for the Central Savannah River Area Economic Opportunity Authority. The authority provided meals for children...

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Teenagers have reasons for trying vegetarianism

...that they often mis represent vegetarians as vegans. A University of Georgia study, written by Holly Alley, a nutrition specialist, said that the difference between vegetarians and vegans is what animal products are excluded in their diets...

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Recipe for health

...trying to make sure that every child that walks into this school eats at least two healthy meals," said education nutrition specialist Kelly Schlein. Candy and other such things with "empty" calories are prohibited in the new health and wellness...

Health clubs find ways to cater to kids, parents

...It's quite astounding - this shows that we can't afford to wait," said Vivien Morris, a Boston Medical Center nutrition specialist involved with an initiative that brings girls to a health-center pool to help them shed pounds before they reach...

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South Carolinians pitch in with Florida relief efforts

...Environmental Control workers made up of public health nurses, disease investigators, environmental health officials, nutrition specialists and social workers to provide temporary relief to Florida's overworked hurricane response staff and needy storm...

FDA to decide what's really a low-carb food

...they'd long avoided regained pounds. "We're almost seeing the same trend," says Dr. Alice Lichtenstein, a nutrition specialist at Tufts University. With low-carb diets, "it used to be you couldn't eat pasta or crunchy snacks, all...

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