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Kazakstan destroys last nuclear test facility

POLYGON NUCLEAR TEST SITE, Kazakstan (AP) - An international team of scientists destroyed the last of Kazakstan's nuclear test facilities Saturday...
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North Korean launch failed

...reportedly making preparations for such a test soon."We have to watch very carefully what they are doing now at the nuclear test site and how they explain this with all those foreign journalists in the country," Cha said.In Pyongyang, there was...
Blast's ties to cancer unclear

...missteps taken by the filmmakers. The choice to shoot on irradiated ground, not far and unfortunately downwind from a nuclear test site, is the most famous example of the movie's mismanagement, but there are more. Many, many more. Based extremely...
CIA asleep on job

...especially distressing about this particular intelligence failure -- U.S. spy satellites were trained on the nuclear test site. How could CIA analysts miss it? Apparently, they were asleep at the switch -- literally. The Washington Post...
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Sometimes the horse is the hero on the silver screen across the desert are amazing and worth suspending disbelief for. The desert they thunder across was near a nuclear test site, and the residual fallout gave a large percentage of the cast, including the Duke, cancer. THE MAN FROM SNOWY...
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Scientists worry about radiation from Cold War tests

...inch - a year. As a result, Eichelberger said, the Amchitka site "was - unknowingly at the time - like having a nuclear test site right next to the San Andreas fault." Because the island itself may be splitting in the inexorable grip of the...
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