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Augusta veterans recount Vietnam experiences

...two countries provided a watery gateway for the North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong to smuggle in food, ammunition...first major battle between U.S. forces and the North Vietnamese army in the Ia Drang Valley had ended with catastrophic...
Bush-basher draws fire from vet

...fighting a guerrilla war," referring to Vietnam. We successfully fought not only Viet Cong guerrillas, but the North Vietnamese army. Contrary to what Hanoi Jane, Hanoi John, Walter Cronkite and their ilk said, we defeated them so badly in...
A look at the 20th century: 1968

...soldiers of the People's Liberation Armed Forces (the Vietcong), their ranks bolstered by elements of the North Vietnamese Army, attacked 36 of 44 provincial capitals in South Vietnam, five of six autonomous cities and 72 of 245 district...
Kerry must offer full disclosure

...reverses." In a Wall Street Journal interview, Col. Tin, who served under Gen. Giap on the general staff of the North Vietnamese army, explicitly credited leaders of the U.S. anti-war movement, saying they were "essential to our strategy...
A look at the 20th century: 1965

...Minister Winston Churchill dies at age 90. Feb. 8: The United States launches its first air raid against the North Vietnamese army. Feb. 21: Civil rights leader Malcolm X is shot to death in New York. Feb. 28: Georgia law prohibits slot...
Hanoi Jane's

Jane Fonda regrets posing on a North Vietnamese Army anti-aircraft gun like that filth in the White House regrets the existence of the semen-stained blue dress. The so-called...