World-record holder Wilson Kipsang wins London Marathon

...Chepkwony by 20 seconds. PYONGYANG: The streets of North Korea's showcase capital were filled with runners from all...which was open to foreign amateurs for the first time.North Korea's Pak Chol won the men's event in 2 hours, 12 minutes...

Sensing America's international weakness, Putin seizes opportunity

...in Benghazi, Libya; ambiguous commitments to Israel; and an apparent overabundance of caution concerning Iran and North Korea; the United States' credibility has been downgraded. THIS IS PERHAPS the most important factor influencing Putin's...

Dennis Rodman says ex-NBA squad's game in North Korea is 'birthday present' for leader

PYONGYANG, North Korea - Dennis Rodman said Monday that a...Association players are planning in North Korea will be a "birthday present" for one...Associated Press he was glad to be in North Korea for the game. He said proceeds from...

Augusta area music ministers travel to North Korea, China

...amid reports of rocket launches in North Korea, a handful of Augusta pastors...men's choir that performed in North Korea and China.The 150-member Sons...largest group of Americans to visit North Korea in decades, according to Global...

Nation's future bleak

...lines in the sand" in the Middle East that have been trampled upon, and we do nothing but talk. Now we have Iran, North Korea, Syria and even Russia making moves against us, and we do nothing!Our president lives in a fantasy land, along...

Company withdraws request to export nuclear plants to North Korea

...for two nuclear power plants to North Korea, after an ardent critic of the...agreement between the United States and North Korea. The agreement calls for building...economic sanctions in return for North Korea freezing and eventually dismantling...

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North Korea claims it launched scientific satellite into orbit

SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea denied today that it launched a...scientific." U.S. officials say North Korea test fired a two-stage Taepo...forces hostile towards the DPRK (North Korea) must be mindful that their attempt...

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Torch run in North Korea goes off without disruption

PYONGYANG, North Korea --- North Korea mobilized tens of thousands of citizens Monday to celebrate...the Beijing Olympics, everything went off without a hitch in North Korea. Only the most loyal communist elite are allowed to live in...

North Korea calls Japanese satellite plan `military action'

...citing security concerns over North Korea's recent launching of a rocket...report was monitored in Tokyo. North Korea fired a rocket over Japan into...rocket from the U.S. military. North Korea claims the launch sent a satellite...

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Don't shrink our military

...wall) has chastised Putin also. Putin was so traumatized that he ordered his army to hold military maneuvers. And North Korea just fired three missiles capable of reaching Japan and South Korea.I may be a so-called flat-earther, and just...