Local leaders talk area growth

...County is change will lead you," Cross said. "It will dictate what you do, because of so much change."For North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones, Project Jackson ? a city development anchored by a minor league baseball stadium, hotel, conference...

Nola Falcone named primary aggressor in report as police continue probing murder-suicide at Walton Way home

...kept a home in Augusta close to his wife's roots.She is a native of North Augusta and is the daughter of former North Augusta Mayor Vernon Maddox. She later became one of the nation's top investment man a gers. By 1985, she had risen to the...

Police hope for clues to what happened

...commissioner and former mayor.Nola Falcone was a successful businesswoman and investor, and the daughter of former North Augusta Mayor Vernon Maddox. She was supportive of many Augusta gardening and arts groups and the home was the site of the 2008...

Charles, Nola Falcone kept connections to Augusta

...say they hardly knew them besides occasional sightings at community events.Nola Falcone, the daughter of former North Augusta Mayor Vernon Maddox, became one of the nation's top investment managers after graduating from Duke University and the...

Project Jackson illogical

...announcer, you probably wouldn't know there was a game being played anyway.More importantly, why would the North Augusta mayor want to place such a development right in the middle of the city's Greeneway? Most cities would love to re-establish...

Postcards from frequent travelers pile up

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.? Frank A. Clark North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones and I were once sharing a table at a church supper when he mentioned two of his town's most frequent travelers and postcard...

Ruling on Project Jackson could come next week

...adjoins the development site.Zeigler said the city followed open records protocols when amending the ordinance.North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones insisted that no votes regarding Project Jackson were made behind closed doors despite a majority of...

Stadium fiasco previewed

...decides if the good outweighs the bad? GreenJackets management?Sound good to you? If so or if not, let the North Augusta mayor and city council know how you feel. After all, they are up to bat.Ted WasserleinNorth Augusta, S.C.

McDonough, Barfield receive first "Curly Awards"

...he began practicing in 1947."If Dr. Watson was here tonight he'd say, 'You don't need to do this,' " North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones said of the banquet. "But we do. He was a great man of service and a man of kind words."

North Augusta Public Safety falls behind in emergency response time

...same span, the number of public safety officers on patrol at any given time has remained virtually unchanged, North Augusta Mayor Lark Jones said."We've increased the amount of officers over the years, but it's been a good while since...