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Schoolhouse gave way to church, antiques

...North Augusta Historical Society. They raised $300 to build a school on a West Avenue lot that was donated by North Augusta Land Co. The building is the location of Singing Hills Antiques. "People don't believe me sometimes when I tell them...
Lookaway Hall towers over North Augusta

North Augusta will celebrate its first 100 years as an incorporated community in 2006. Lookaway Hall, which was built around 1895, has been the focal point of the city for more than a century, though.
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Web of trails will connect city's parks

NORTH AUGUSTA - Greenspace that has gone unused in North Augusta for more than a century will soon become a series of parks connected to residential areas and schools by a recreation trail. City officials have set aside $100,000 in the city's 2002 budget to purchase 12 parcels of land off Georgia Avenue between the city's Greeneway trail and West Woodlawn Avenue. The land was designated in 1891 by the North Augusta Land Co. for water drainage.
Elementary school celebrates its centennial

...Formal education in North Augusta predates the centennial; however, the first school was a private one. The North Augusta Land Co. hired Nina Verdery to teach 13 pupils in a small schoolhouse on West Avenue in 1899, according to a written...
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Celebrating a century

Tracking 100 years of history proved tough for a trio of church historians at First Baptist Church of North Augusta.
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