Change terror strategy

...that the Algerian conflict more than a half-century ago opened the doors to "migrants" from an embattled region in North Africa.What should the response be from the United States and the other allied nations? An obvious answer is a change in...

And now the consequences

...mother have come to symbolize the plight of hundreds of thousands of Muslims fleeing the destabilized Middle East and North Africa for the safety and comfort of Europe.How long the eurozone remains safe and comfortable depends on how soon humanitarianism...

Freedom is the answer

...religious zealotry and intolerance.From the melting-down Mideast, and from Libya and other despairing nations in North Africa, desperate migrants are swamping rickety boats and shores and crowding insufferable trucks and trains for new lives...

Immigration is a two-way street

...building or considering fences to control the mass inundation of refugees from failed Muslim states in the Mideast and north Africa, Austria is now discussing one of its own for its border with Slovenia.But to put a high-velocity politically correct...

World's biggest beer makers agree to join forces

...allow it to bolster its presence in Africa and Australia, where it is not as dominant as it currently is in Europe, North Africa and Asia.The beer industry has been consolidating for the past decade as brewers seek to gain clout with suppliers...

Budweiser maker raises bid for SABMiller to $108 billion

...venture out more into the African and Australian markets where its might has yet to be felt in the way it is in Eu rope, North Africa and Asia. Tensions between the companies have risen since the first offer was announced Sept. 16, with AB InBev accusing...

AB InBev raises offer for SABMiller to create beer giant

...to venture out more into the African and Australian markets where its might is yet to be felt like it is in Europe, North Africa and Asia.In the event of a deal, the sheer size of the combined company is expected to push regulators to require...

Reckless endangerment

...drumbeat to open Europe's borders even wider to the welfare states within, for Muslims throughout the Middle East and North Africa. And right by her side ? pistol neatly pointed at foot ? is U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, practically...

Oak trees are good choices for the yard

...growing, but some fast-growing varieties are available. There are about 500 oak species worldwide. They grow in North Africa, Europe, western Asia and North America. Even in places that don't have a true oak, such as Australia, people...

Lawrence A. Vola (BOONTON, N.J.)

...served in WWII in the Navy's Amphibious forces, a forerunner to the Navy Seals. He participated in 4 invasions: North Africa, Sicily, Salerno and Anzio, as a member of the Underwater Demolition Team. He was a life member of the Belmar volunteer...