Textile lawsuit blames damage on Norfolk

AIKEN - Avondale Mills Inc. is suing Norfolk Southern Corp. and three fired employees for damages caused by...Avondale Mills Inc. alleges in a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern Corp. that the railroad is responsible for the January...

Some still seek compensation from 2005 train wreck

...by James and Dorothy Martin and Stella Woodward. The residents want the court to give their complaints against Norfolk Southern Corp. and Norfolk Southern Railway Co. another chance.The residents had sued the rail company in 2007, seeking...

Gas affects curious residents

...freight train wreck rattled her home. The 42-car Norfolk Southern Corp. train struck a parked locomotive and two cars...to deal with." - Robin Chapman, spokesman for Norfolk Southern Corp. "It will probably be one year before the final...

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Workers begin draining second of three chlorine tankers

...people to area hospitals. Contractors hired by the Norfolk Southern Corp. continued to drain the ruptured chlorine tanker...was done to fraudulently attain benefits from the Norfolk Southern Corp. That matter remains under investigation and no...

Assistance checks have release clause

...morning. Like many Graniteville residents, he hoped to receive a small stipend for food, clothing and lodging that Norfolk Southern Corp. officials were offering to an estimated 5,400 evacuees who were forced from their homes after toxic chlorine...

Graniteville community information

...assistance should call the community help number, 211. From a cell phone, dial 648-9900. ASSISTANCE: The Norfolk Southern Corp. assistance center will be open through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church in Aiken...

More information for the Graniteville community

...of the evacuated area may pick up their mail at the Clearwater Post Office starting today. ASSISTANCE ? The Norfolk Southern Corp. assistance center will be open today from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church in Aiken. For more...

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Chamber gives money to help victims of crash

...The funds are earmarked for the Graniteville area and will primarily be used to assist victims of January's Norfolk Southern Corp. train accident, said Gloria Bush Johnson, the head of the chamber of commerce. Ms. Johnson said they chose...

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Officials patch leaking tanker

GRANITEVILLE - Cleanup efforts inched along Monday at the site of the Norfolk Southern Corp. train wreck and chlorine spill that claimed nine lives last week, while environmental officials fanned out to measure possible...

Graniteville community information

...cell phone, dial 648-9900. Assistance: The Norfolk Southern Corp. assistance center will be open through Friday...to clean their homes when they return. - Notify Norfolk Southern Corp.'s systems claims office, at (800) 230-7049...

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