Carl Edwards is on the pole, but few know what to expect in Sprint Cup race at Indy

INDIANAPOLIS - Nobody liked the single-file racing that's...As far as the changes to the cars, nobody really knows what's going to happen...practice the new aerodynamic package, but nobody was willing to work in big packs of traffic...

Rain tax has always been a done deal

...for Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle, who made a motion at the last minute to put it on the November ballot for a vote, which nobody seconded.So what if it was just a symbolic, futile gesture that would've gone nowhere? Ma king symbolic, futile gestures...

Michaux: Atlanta Braves' glory days are just about over

...methodically collected, odds of them ever amassing a core set of pitchers the caliber of Smoltz, Maddux and Glavine are unrealistic. Nobody ever gets that lucky more than once ? three contemporary first-ballot Hall of Famers in one rotation is a script too fanciful...

Michaux: Steve Spurrier should worry about his own team, not his 'enemies'

...field at Williams-Brice Stadium after him.He says those successes have created these "enemies," which is fair enough. Nobody worries about perennial patsies."Expect our enemies to talk about us," he said. "We finally won enough games, although...

ACC settles into period of strength, stability

...PINEHURST, N.C. - The Atlantic Coast Conference has entered a period of strength and stability. Nobody's coming in anytime soon, and nobody's leaving.The league has won three consecutive Orange Bowls. It placed its champion into the inaugural...

Stand up for our nation

...way of life for you children, don't be distracted by misleading words and actions of others.One issue is gun control. Nobody is taking your guns away. Get over it. Another issue: the Confederate flag. You can fly any flag you want on your own property...

Augusta Commission confused over who is invited to legal meetings

...come up after 20 years of consolidated government. And stranger still that Owens sat right there in two legal meetings and nobody said a word about it. Maybe it took that long for them to notice her. IT MUST BE TUESDAY: I called Commissioner Marion Wil...

Gold falls to lowest level in five years on dollar strength

...exactly the time when investors should start being more cautious."One reason of the reasons that (gold) is attractive is that nobody thinks it's worthwhile anymore," said Paulsen. "That says that probably people have become complacent, which is exactly...

Michaux: Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth meet in playoff that never was

...beat every single time you play," said Spieth, the guy who's been the man to beat in every major this year. "He's got as much talent or more than anybody. You just have to outplay him."On Thursday at this Open, nobody could.

Five-time champ Tom Watson bids farewell to British Open

...told them, 'You need to speak to someone about that.' I was like, 'C'mon, man, you've got a legend here. There's nobody going to pitch up at 6:30 in the morning to say goodbye."So play carried on. The entire group, with their caddies, posed...