West Nile case in Richmond County prompts new spraying of 'hot spots'

The first human West Nile virus infection this year in Augusta is...cases for Georgia this year from West Nile, including one in Richmond County, which...no deaths in Georgia this year from West Nile, according to CDC. Nationwide, there...


...30.8 percent shooting from the field. College BaseballPacers defeat Lions in slugfestIn Aiken, Zach Moon, Ty Barkell and Nile Goings powered USC Aiken past Paine College 17-11.Moon had two hits and four RBI, Barkell had three hits and three RBI and...

West Nile vaccine for horses appears to be working

OMAHA, Neb. -- Cases of West Nile virus in horses have dropped off sharply...responsible for the decline. The West Nile virus was first detected in the United...be administered by the owner, the West Nile vaccine cannot. It is only sold directly...

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West Nile likely to keep spreading

WASHINGTON -- West Nile virus may well complete its coast-to-coast...aren't dying in your neighborhood, West Nile probably hasn't spread there yet. Dead...suspicious. But of more concern are birds West Nile doesn't easily kill, like common house...

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Federal officials trying to find a test for West Nile

...three organ recipients contracted West Nile, federal officials said they are speeding...spreading virus. No blood test exists for West Nile, even in patients that are showing symptoms...going wrong in a blood transfusion, West Nile's way down at the bottom," said Dr...

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Test of horse proves negative for West Nile

A Grovetown horse doesn't have West Nile virus, after all. Still, officials are...determined its symptoms to be similar to West Nile, said the horse is now being tested for...encephalitis. The blood test for West Nile was negative, he said. Dr. McLeod said...

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West Nile can spread through transfusions, CDC says

...Government health officials Thursday said West Nile can apparently spread by transfusion...blood. A woman in Mississippi caught West Nile after receiving transfusions from three...highly suspicious" and said that West Nile "probably can be spread by transfusion...

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Vaccine for West Nile tested

...fatal brain swelling associated with West Nile virus, a study suggests. Researchers...high-risk human populations against West Nile encephalitis," said Dr. Robert Tesh...weeks Columbia County found its first West Nile-positive bird - an American crow. Researchers...

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Hybrid mosquito may spread West Nile quicker in U.S. than Europe

WASHINGTON -- Human infection by West Nile virus may be more common in North America...birds are the primary reservoir for West Nile, the hybrid Culex forms an infection bridge...transmission to occur." She said the West Nile virus is not transmitted between humans...

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Vaccine for Nile infection studied

...he spent a month in a coma with the West Nile virus. He was one of six people in Georgia...replaced certain genes with those from West Nile. The vaccine produced a strong immune...fatal encephalitis that can accompany West Nile. "I think the approach they are taking...

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