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Zombies rule the big and small screens, but I don't see why

Zombies are everywhere you look these days, but I don't find the undead especially appealing.
Online 'zombie' talk grows after gory incidents

TAMPA, Fla. - First came Miami: the case of a naked man eating most of another man's face.
Pastiness finally is accepted as beauty

During the summer, I used to alternate among three skin colors: ghost white, beet red and spotted. The only hue that eluded me was a rich, buttery mocha. My girlfriends could spend two hours in the sun and glow like golden goddesses. I'd spend 15 minutes in the sun and turn into a speckled trout. After a half-hour, I'd be a red, peeling speckled trout.
Life & style
'Batman Begins' wins weekend as box-office slide lingers on

LOS ANGELES - "Batman Begins" took in $26.8 million to remain the top movie for the second straight weekend, but it could not keep Hollywood from sinking to its longest modern box-office slump.
At the Movies: capsule reviews of new films

Capsule reviews of films opening this week:
Director Romero brings his zombies back to life

LOS ANGELES - George Romero lurches among us again, doing what he does best: Creating a combustible microcosm of society, then besieging it with zombies who just can't get enough of tasty human flesh.
Batman comes to life in Pennsylvania farmhouse

EASTON, Pa. - Outside Tommy Castillo's bedroom window is a rolling horse pasture where Appaloosa mares frolic with their young - not at all like gritty Gotham, the fictional city that Castillo sees with his mind's eye as he draws the adventures of the Caped Crusader.
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Superheroes, remakes heat up season's movie offerings

The summer movie - the perfect thing for a cinematic season when the days get longer, the attention spans shorter and the explosions bigger and badder.
At the Movies: 'Dawn of the Dead'

"Dawn of the Dead" has seen better days. The high-octane update of the 1979 zombie fest offers gore galore, some truly creepy images, occasionally wicked humor and impressive performances for a genre where acting usually is secondary.
Gary Larson revisits 'The Far Side'

SEATTLE -- Crafty cows, restless chickens, talking insects and dorky scientists are invading bookstores across the nation. This can mean only one thing: Gary Larson is back.