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Fashionable set hangs with wallpaper

...then a simple paint job is probably the way to go. But if you were planning on spending a little more to get a really nice paint job -- perhaps one with murals, borders or faux finishes -- then you might want to consider wallpaper. That's because...
Life & style
Clemson needs to step on gas

...College. "We got everything on this car. We got a six-disc CD changer, we've got a moon roof, cruise control, nice paint job. When you see this car, you're going to say, 'Man, I'd like to drive that one.' "Somewhere along the way...
Across the Southeast

...operate in the state. Accuracy is a key ingredient officials are seeking. "They've all got everything you need, the nice paint job and all that stuff," said Mecklenburg County Elections Director Michael Dickerson. "But you really want to see...
Muscle car memories

...1965 Ford Mustang fastback purchased for $300 (roughly $850 in today's money) from my father circa 1976.With a nice paint job, Keystone Klassic rims, Mickey Thompson tires and a 200 inline six-cylinder, this car set the benchmark for the...
Looking high and low the younger set, the 16- and 17-year-olds who can spend a lot of cash because they still live at home. A nice paint job, lowering package, and of course a booming stereo system will run about $4,000, he said. "They just like to...