He was no victim

...video of that rampage on social media.And a victim wouldn't fax a rambling and hate-filled "manifesto" to a news network that described himself as "a human powder keg" and expressed admiration for the Columbine and Virginia Tech killers...

Al Jazeera YouTube channel airs satirical video about US

...satirical item, under two minutes long, was produced out of San Francisco by a digital arm of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera news network. It has not been seen on television, including on the beleaguered Al Jazeera America channel.Debuting on the weekend...

How to overcome the top 5 fitness barriers

Sticking to a regular exercise schedule isn't easy. After all, there are plenty of potential hindrances - time, boredom, injuries, self-confidence. But these issues don't need to stand in your way.

Appling family loves delivering Good News on radio dials 24 hours a day

...Ga. ? WGPH (91.5) ? and the Good News Network was born. Last year, the Good News Network added its 14th English-speaking radio station...stations.They are all unstaffed. The Good News Network is a nonprofit organization that manages the...

Ochocinco forms news network

...Bengals receiver is planning to form his own social news network on Twitter, using his player contacts around the league...He's dubbed the venture OCNN, for the Ochocinco News Network. He will try to compete with mainstream media to tell...

News network, health site aligning

...that doctors can rely on and consumers can rely on." CNN News Group, owned by Time Warner unit TBS, includes Cable News Network and five other cable and satellite TV networks, plus an array of related news and information services, including...

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Fox News Network fair, not slanted

Regarding James Connell's Sept. 14 letter criticizing the Fox News Network for allowing guests to state their opinions that the widespread Western forest fires may be caused by Clinton-Gore administration...

Bill's new CNN pal

Cable News Network errs in hiring as its president one of Bill Clinton's closest friends...better programming and a better product. If it becomes the "Clinton News Network," CNN will go in the opposite direction.

CNN censors

Ted Turner's "Clinton News Network" poo-poohed notions that hiring "Friend of Bill" Rick Kaplan...anti-global warming ads off the air now, the so-called "objective" news network is censoring opinions it doesn't like. If that's not bias...

CNN's disgrace

Can Cable News Network ever be believed again, especially with regard to military matters, in wake of the heinous nerve gas story the network finally...

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