Facts, not advocacy

...Hampshire have a reasonable expectation of actually meeting a candidate in person, we depend largely on the traditional news media to present us with fair and unbiased reports of the candidates and their views. That obligation has never been more...

Bottom line

...the American-born (children) of undocumented immigrants."You can't make this stuff up.Good grief. Hey, news media, how about you quit trying to police our thoughts and arrest our language and instead ask something constructive and substantial...

The Way We Were: Duke Restaurant

Before Facebook, before the Internet, before 24-hour news media coverage, the place to find out what people were talking about was a place like Duke's, the old diner on Walton Way.For almost...

Liberals out of control

...oppose this liberal agenda, and more often than not they end up as part of it! Perhaps out of fear for their jobs or the news media, they often just suffer the slings and arrows of the Democrats without response.

Criminal probe at standstill in Clemson death, prosecutor says

...Clemson University fraternity pledge remains at a standstill, despite a new witness account, a prosecutor said Friday.News media outlets reported this week that the witness' statement was contained in documents filed in a $25 million civil lawsuit...

Man charged in child molestation at Grovetown Wal-Mart

...her daughter.Store video surveillance footage showed the man following the girl. Photos of the man were provided to news media and he came forward the next day, Morris said.He was being held in the Columbia County Detention Center without bond...

A deplorable deal

...could be all that stands between Israel's safety and Iran getting a nuclear bomb.The administration and its complicit news media tell us that an imperfect deal is better than no deal at all.That simply defies belief."Better than nothing" is...

A pledge to ourselves

...considering the political support of one war versus the other. But there it is.? It seems to us that both schools and the news media over the past few decades have overemphasized America's warts ? almost to the exclusion of its many virtues...

Loaded content

...matter. Because it's impossible for them to meet and greet every voter, presidential candidates depend mightily on the news media to depict them in a fair and respectful manner.The reputation and integrity of journalism itself also depends on it...

It doesn't have to be this way

...Congress that even his own party flocked to pass a bill requiring congressional oversight of it.Meanwhile, even a news media that fawned and fluffed Obama's pillow is fed up to the gills with the lack of transparency in this administration...