Teens charged with murder of woman at Atlanta-area gas station

...murder in the shooting death of a woman at a gas station near Stone Mountain in DeKalb County, east of Atlanta.Local news media outlets reported Saturday that all three suspects were charged for fatally shooting 25-year-old Shaneku McCurty...

Tearing ourselves apart

...Obama administration declines to acknowledge. And while race relations are strained by tragic clashes and an incendiary news media, they've nonetheless improved exponentially in the past half-century. Imagine telling someone in 1965 that we'd...

Large wreck shuts down Atlanta freeways

...ATLANTA - Authorities say an oil tanker and tractor trailer drove off a bridge and landed on the busy Georgia 400.Local news media report that the Georgia Department of Transportation closed northbound lanes after the two trailers plunged off I-285...

Rants & Raves

...shot by the police. Do the survey to see if the person that was shot was committing a crime or obeying the law. The news media makes it look like the blacks are being singled out. HEADS UP TO parents of children in Columbia County day care. You...

Friend of Charleston church shooting suspect is now under investigation by federal authorities

...the release of graphic crime scene photographs and audio tapes of the 911 calls."I see no benefit or reason for the news media to have access to those photographs showing people dead on the church floor," said Nicholson, adding that, with regard...

Commissioners leave retreat with focus on meeting rules, consolidation

...commissioners should be provided information uniformly, review it before meetings and never provide anything to the news media."It's not a good reflection on us," he said.Frantom added that he got many questions other commissioners raise...

Facts, not advocacy

...Hampshire have a reasonable expectation of actually meeting a candidate in person, we depend largely on the traditional news media to present us with fair and unbiased reports of the candidates and their views. That obligation has never been more...

Bottom line

...the American-born (children) of undocumented immigrants."You can't make this stuff up.Good grief. Hey, news media, how about you quit trying to police our thoughts and arrest our language and instead ask something constructive and substantial...

Liberals out of control

...oppose this liberal agenda, and more often than not they end up as part of it! Perhaps out of fear for their jobs or the news media, they often just suffer the slings and arrows of the Democrats without response.

Rude, hostile and immaterial

...Americans who value real, honest political debate. They are the ones being deprived of valid, alternative viewpoints by news media intent on fashioning one-party rule. One ideology. One brand.This time the pervasive and insidious bias was brought...