What Is It?

...said: "This week we have what was supposed to be the future ? the Chrysler Turbine. It was displayed at the 1964 New York World's Fair and Chrysler claimed it could 'run on anything from peanut oil to Chanel No. 5.' Hmmm, Chanel No. 5...

Google, Mattel bring View-Master into 21st century

...took you into each of the worlds. A set of four reels will cost $15.The original View-Master launched at the New York World's Fair in 1939. Mattel says it has sold more than 100 million of them.The new version will launch on Android devices...

The Way We Were: Bamboo Room

...Novachord."If you're curious, a Novachord was a synthesizer that looked like a piano and debuted at the 1939 New York World's Fair.I could tell you that a young James Brown was inspired to musical greatness by hearing the moogy melodies...

The Way We Were: Trailways Bus Terminal

...Mrs. G.T. Phillips, of Moore Avenue, and Mrs. Cleo Barton, of Graniteville, each one a trip for two to the New York World's Fair.Do you have any memories of the Trailways bus terminal, or traveling by bus in the 1950s or 1960s? Share...

What Is It?

...rote that it is the 1963 Mustang II concept: "Named the 1964½ (in reality a 1965), it was introduced at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964, and selling over a million in just three years. The 50th anniversary is this spring on...

Author Ray Bradbury, 91, dies

...Michael Moore's documentary "Fahrenheit 9-11." Although involved in many futuristic projects, including the New York World's Fair of 1964 and the Spaceship Earth display at Walt Disney World in Florida, Bradbury was deeply attached to...

Parents still mourn son who died in 9-11 attacks

...Baptist Church Cemetery in Beech Island, next to his grandfather. On his headstone are the words "a victim of the New York World Trade Center Tragedy" and a photograph. Although he never lived in Aiken County, Derrick Washington has many relatives...

World Cup uniforms can lend style with an edge

NEW YORK - World Cup team uniforms - "kits" as they're called in most of the soccer-loving world - are not just a sideline topic. They are...

Life & style
Techbits: Apple growth, Solar purse and more

...make it so that it's an elitist kind of item," he said. -Amy Lorentzen, AP Writer WWW creator starts a blog NEW YORK - World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has started a blog just in time for the 15th anniversary of his invention. In...

Life & style
Lee buying newspaper publisher Pulitzer

...Pulitzer bought the St. Louis Post in 1869 and merged it with the St. Louis Dispatch in 1878. He later bought the New York World. Pulitzer died in 1911, leaving Columbia University $2 million in his will. The money founded the Columbia University...