Highway robbery

...that they have begun targeting misdemeanor offenders such as suspected prostitution clients and drunken drivers. The New York Times recently reported on conferences and seminars where police learn to avoid seizing difficult-to-liquidate property...

Hit the books in 2015

...honor and acknowledge the legacy of their ancestors.? The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Alex Haley, is one of the greatest books ever written. It's one of the top books on the New York Times best-seller list for the 20th century.

Get in front of Ferguson

...burn, fanned by the rhetoric of opportunistic race dividers," Hosko said in a statement late Wednesday after The New York Times reported the Justice Department is closing the investigation.We would hope that's not the case, but given the...

County sick from sludge?

...Columbia and McDuffie counties. Jefferson County is the dumping ground for your municipal sewage sludge, and a New York Times headline said Sept. 3: "It's a tough life in Jefferson County, Ga.," because it is ranked the seventh-worst...

Charles, Nola Falcone kept connections to Augusta

...Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where she was one of the first three women to enroll.In a 1986 New York Times article, Nola Falcone was profiled among two other successful women in the finance industry. She credited her father...

The Artside: Mellencamp brings his art, then his music to Augusta

...catalog that includes an essay by Hilarie Sheets, a contributing editor to ARTnews, who also regularly writes for The New York Times.Later, on June 20, Mellencamp fans can focus on his musical talents when he performs in concert at Bell Auditorium...

Ford takes air bag recall nationwide

...York public relations firm Sard Verbinnen & Co. and took out full-page ads Thursday in newspapers including The New York Times, The Wall Street Jour nal and three German publications. The ads, featuring a letter from Chairman and CEO Shigehisa...

Report questions Florida State player's action after accident

The New York Times is reporting a Florida State football player was ticketed, but not charged with a crime after briefly leaving the scene of a late...

Pro leagues moving steadily toward accepting betting on their games

...Web site where fans can win (and lose) money playing daily fantasy sports, commissioner Adam Silver wrote in The New York Times that it was time to consider legalizing sports gambling."There is an obvious appetite among sports fans for a safe...

How can this be ignored?

...four times that the disastrous health-care law was built on deceit foisted on a "stupid" public.And how does The New York Times react Friday? With a front-page piece headlined: "Obama, down but not out, presses ahead" ? about how the president...