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Hoops all-star wins in run-off

...South Carolina Legislature - Mufi Hannemann, college basketball, Honolulu mayor LOSERS - Joe Mesi, boxing, New York Legislature - Joey Browner, NFL, Eagan (Minn.) City Council - Bob Heaton, college basketball, Indiana Legislature...
States look to curb credit card marketing on campuses

...Cashwell said. "I figured I would get a job and be able to keep up ... It became a never-ending cycle." The New York Legislature this week passed a measure that would prohibit the deluge of credit card offers on campuses and requires some consumer...
Deadline for bills is nigh

...hands-free devices that have come on the market in recent years. One of the bills is modeled after a law passed by the New York Legislature last year, making it the first state to prohibit motorists from using hand-held cell phones while driving...
The mistake festers

...was "a mistake." Well, was it really a mistake? Or was it a sincere show of solidarity by Pataki with the New York Legislature's Black Caucus, whose chairman demanded its removal? In this age of politicians wooing special interests...
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...beyond the intent of the law. Court papers submitted by Mr. Kozlowski's lawyer, James DeVita, argue that the New York Legislature never intended to criminalize the failure to pay sales tax by a retail customer. Mr. Kozlowski has been indicted...