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School leaders stay patient with lawsuit drag on for years or even decades. It took 10 years for a similar lawsuit to go to trial in South Carolina. New Jersey courts first ruled on the issue in 1973, and have continued to issue decisions through at least 2005, according to the...
Terri Schiavo has died at a Florida hospice

...lived for more than a decade in a vegetative state - brought on by alcohol and drugs in 1975 when she was 21 - until New Jersey courts finally let her parents take her off a respirator. Nancy Cruzan, who was 25 when a 1983 car crash placed her in...
Cramped calendar clogs court

...after three months is considered "backlogged." "When a case hits the backlog, bells go off," Mr. Quinn said. New Jersey courts beat the ABA standards that recommend courts should close 90 percent of criminal cases within 120 days and 100 percent...
Who will be left to defend the Boy Scouts?

...that views homosexuality as a moral defect." THIS SUMMER, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned a New Jersey court and upheld the right of the Boy Scouts of America to associate with people of its own choosing - and by extension...
Opinion columns
Absurd Scout ruling

...congregations across the nation that invite the public to join, attend or participate in some way. Following the New Jersey court's logic, would it be that small a step for judges, down the road, to invade a church sanctuary and dictate the...
Area briefs: Brothers killed in auto accident

...1996, according to a press release from U.S. Attorney J. Rene Josey. In 1988, Mr. Perdew was ordered by a New Jersey court to make the payments. The former Virginia teacher more recently has worked with various construction, roofing and...
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