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Former Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch sentenced to four years in prison

...1981 World Series co-MVP appears to be in good spirits and is speaking with people in the hospital.The 58-year-old Guerrero was in the intensive care unit and is being treated by a neurosurgeon while undergoing further testing.
Bernice Freedman

...who died on Christmas Day in 1978 here in Augusta. After living in Atlanta, she worked part-time for Dr. Bickers, neurosurgeon, Dr. Richardson, cardiologist and Dr. Dunlap, orthopedist. She made her home in Augusta for about 50 years. She transcribed...
Pupils dress for success

BATH - Astronauts, neurosurgeons, soldiers and mechanics flocked to Jefferson Elementary School on Thursday to learn about technical and professional careers...
Defends salary of `great doctor'

Twice in the past week this newspaper has made a reference to Dr. Robert Abramson, one of Augusta's top neurosurgeons, and his salary. The articles do the area a disservice by creating resentment against hard working, honest people who are...
Medical translators bridge gap

Neurosurgeon Samuel Macomson looked at Andres Merlin Tapia and asked, "Any headaches? "Yes, headaches," Mr. Merlin Tapia said. "The...
Party vote seriously regarded

...end, may be decided by a polo instructor, a machinist, a neurosurgeon and a high school physics teacher. That's because the...the Libertarian vote into consideration. In fact, Atlanta neurosurgeon and Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Bert Loftman earlier...
Suit claims surgery on brain was negligent

After nearly seven years, a man now partially paralyzed and a veteran neurosurgeon are telling their stories to a jury this week. John Hollowell filed a Richmond County Superior Court lawsuit against Dr. Ildemaro...
Stroke victims clamor for place in study

There is also a vast pool of eager patients who want to test neurosurgeon Douglas Kondziolka's stroke recovery theory. Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability, affecting 700,000 Americans...
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Surgery aids 7-year-old stroke victim

It looked pale and fat pulsing against the scraped side of Kaditia Sutton's head. But it was beautiful to neurosurgeon Ann Marie Flannery as she stared over the edge of her green surgical mask. "We have a lovely artery," she said as she began...
Aiken doctor faces malpractice suit

...An Aiken doctor named in eight lawsuits since 1990 is being sued again, this time by a Barnwell County man who says the neurosurgeon performed unnecessary spinal surgery that disabled him. Charles Zissette said in a lawsuit that in 1996 he complained of...